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Body Shaping Movies - No Surgery

Body Shaping Garments Stabilize Bouncing Tissue - Video

Pick the link to the video / media supported by your computer, Flash VideoFlash Video, QuickTime Movie and Audio Clip (mov) for Plastic Surgery Quicktime, or Windows Media Video (WMV) and Audio Clip for Plastic Surgery Windows Media Player. If the movies do not work, check that you have the latest version of the video playing sofware on your computer. Each group of movies is the same. They differ in what media system in which they play.

Still pictures only tell part of the story. Watch movies of this this patient turning around without and then with his garment, then watch him bounce and how well the garment stabilizes tissue. The effect of the body shaping garment is dramatic on shape and movement.

Video of body builder with gyno before body shaping undergarment. Movies after body shaper garment for bodybuilder with gyno - no surgery.

You can view at still pictures of this body builder gyno compression shaping here.