Belly Button Plastic Surgery (Umbilicoplasty) and Sculpture of the Umbilicus

Belly button plastic surgery, pictures of belly buttons before and after cosmetic surgery.The belly button or navel can be the focal point of the abdomen. As a tethering point in the moving belly, it attracts attention. Beauty can be a function of shape, depth, protrusion, and how it moves. Fashion and jewelry can emphasize the belly button.

There are many types of belly button plastic surgery. Belly button umbilicoplasty options depend on the problem to be treated. Belly button sculpture is a tool for deformities of the navel. Umbilicoplasty by itself can reshape the belly button and sometimes make a new navel. When problems extend beyond to general abdominal tissues, belly button umbilicoplasty is often a part of abdominoplasty tummy tuck surgery. Trying to remove excessive surrounding loose skin from the belly button can result in unacceptable deformities.

Belly button umbilicoplasty plastic surgeryNot all surgeons offer the same type of belly button sculpture. There is much to learn about this surgery. This website is but an introduction to what we offered at Bermant Plastic Surgery. We took the education of our patients very seriously. The following pages have actual patients Dr. Bermant has operated on, their before, during, and after surgery photographs. Some may want to learn about the surgical details shown on other pages. Others may wish to avoid the actual in surgery graphic images.

Please use this introduction to become comfortable with Dr. Bermant, his caring service, surgical sculpting, and what we offered as a guide to the possible.

belly button umbilicoplasty and navel plastic surgeryDr. Bermant saw patients from around the world who preferred his techniques and skills. They would start on the web and then continue with our remote package, in office consultation, surgical sculpture, and after surgery care. Travel to Richmond was easy. Stay during their initial recovery was brief, inexpensive, and comfortable.

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