Bermant Belly Button Umbilcioplasty Plastic Surgery
Belly Button Umbilicoplasty Plastic Surgery

Belly Button Anatomy and Structure of Sagging Skin Around the Umbilicus.

Sculpture of the Belly Button and Navel Surgery

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Belly button plastic surgery and sculpture of beautiful belly buttons. Surgical Craftsmanship Belly button pictures before and after navel plastic surgery Your Special Needs Beautiful belly buttons pictures before and after umbilicoplasty belly button surgery Individualized Education Umbilicoplasty belly button plastic surgery, belly button pictures before and after surgery Tender Care Beautiful belly buttons and belly button surgery, pictures before and after umbilicoplasty plastic surgery. Personalized Service Belly button Patients easy travel from New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, MD, West Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Washinton DC and North Carolina. Become Comfortable Our office is easliy reached from: Washington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Rockville, Richmond, Charlotte, and Raleigh.

Belly Button Anatomy Structures and Tissues

Belly button umbilicoplasty plastic surgeryThe Belly Button, Umbilicus, or Navel was once the attachment of the mothers umbilical stalk permitting passage of the nutrition through the abdominal wall of the fetus in the womb. The scar healing under unique circumstances of newborn is a tethering point for draping of abdominal skin. there's typically very little to no fat between the epidermis dermis and underlying fascia. The nearby abdominal skin has this beautiful special supporting system. Between the belly button and this normal anatomy is a transition.

Elements of Navel Anatomy

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Epidermis is our outside protective layer of skin. The Dermis is just under the epidermis is a dense connective tissue layer of collagen fibers structural support. Hair follicles sebaceous glands, sweat glands are among elements supported by this framework. Subcuticular region contains the Fat and SFS Superficial Fascia Support System of Campers and Scarpa's Fascia. There is another fine network of fibers connecting this SFS to the underlying fascia envelope of muscle. Occupying the spaces in between these fibers are globules of storage fat. These layers vary in design and structural strength around the body.

pregnancyExpanding Tissues

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Weight gain, bodybuilding, and pregnancy stretch and distort both skin this fascia supporting system and fascia muscle envelope of the abdomen. After Weight Loss, After Pregnancy, lost muscle bulk, aging, and medical conditions can result in laxity and drooping. How well the stretched structures return to normal varies greatly. When these structures remain stretched, understanding the anatomy is the key to good Belly Button Umbilicoplasty, Tummy Tuck and Lower Body Lift Surgery restoration.

The Color of Fascia Anatomy

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belly button navalbelly button scarpa fasciaTrue color of dermis and the connective tissue supporting system of fashion fascia is white. I drew copies of both the deep fascia and Scarpa fascia white, but the blue and gray versions show up the other details of the network of the SFS. Want to see what it look like in the living body? Then check out our new Anatomy of Abdomen and Belly Button During Tummy Tuck.

As in most anatomy of gynecomastia drawings, anatomy of the skin are just does not look like what is seen in the operating room or cadaver dissections. I created a series Gynecomastia anatomy, Male Puffy Nipple Anatomy, Anatomy Puffy Nipple Complication, and Female Breast Anatomy drawings to try to rectify that. I tried to show both the male and female breasts gland in fascia suspension systems as what I saw on the operating room along the lines of what I've learned from Dr. Lockwood.

anatomy of belly button

Belly Button Anatomy

Belly Button Anatomy has Superficial Fat suspended in a network of fibrous fascia tissue.
belly button naval
belly button fat
Epidermis outer protective skin directly attaches to the Dermis providing structural support.
belly button skin epidermis
belly button dermis
Scarpa Fascia is a component of the SFS. Deep Fascia envelopes the abdomen.
belly button scarpa fascia
belly button deep fascia
SFS Superficial Suspension System is a fine network connecting skin extending deeply.
superficial fascia suspension system SFS
fibrous fascia
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zone of adherencebelly button stalkThe belly button is a Zone of Tethered Tissue, holding the Epidermis and Dermis down to the combined Scarpa Fascia and Deep Fascia. An Umbilical Stalk is a fibrous cord remnant. Typically there is no Fat nor SFS here, unless attachment has been lost as in a free floating belly button.
anatomy sagging skin over belly button

Navel Anatomy Sagging Skin

Less Surface Fat after weight loss can cause a Sagging Belly Button.
sagging belly button anatomy
belly button fat after weight loss
Sagging Scarpa Fascia after fat loss. Fascia can stretch with pregnancy & internal fat.
sagging naval scarpa fascia
deep fascia
Sagging SFS Fibrous fascia extend between skin to Deep Fascia.
drooping superfical fascia suspension system
belly button abdminal fascia
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Different Proportions
Proportions and quantity of each of these structural elements very by location on the body function and other factors. The skin needs to be closer to the fashion muscle at flexing creases for function. Ear, nose, eyelid, lip, fingers, toes all need their specific solutions.

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