Michael Bermant, MD

has closed his office with his retirement. You can still contact him by e-mail.

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Have Questions? Want Answers?

Dr. Bermant is glad to share his knowledge on our integrated forums and board. Please post your questions there so that all may share in the education.

Retired, Dr. Bermant continues his projects passion, evaluating medical technology, software, applications, inventing, and evolving systems of care, surgical sculpture, and creativity. If Interested in working with him on these emerging technologies and methods to advance the world, feel free to contact him.

Forums for Questions Answers

Although retired, Dr. Bermant continues to share his knowledge and experience. There are many boards to choose from to ask questions, share experiences, and help others. Entry page to find the best Discussion Board bypasses the introduction and site guides.

Look for the specific board. Dr. Bermant built this integrated resource for those seeking answers, help, and who had issues about Plastic Surgery to connect with people with a passion for a specific specialty. You may already find answers here to many questions frequently asked.

Alternate Contact Options

(note this E-mail link is encrypted to minimize Spam e-mail harvesting robots. Sorry if your browser does not pick up the address.

A secondary contact option is contacting Dr. Bermant on Facebook or Dr. Bermant on LinkedIn. However, if interested in having questions discussed, our forums are where Dr. Bermant shares his experiences and knowledge.

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