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Tumescent Liposuction - How Long Does Surgery Take?

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This section answers questions that are frequently asked about tumescent liposuction

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Next Bermant Plastic Cosmetic Aesthetic Plastic Surgeryhow long liposuctionThe length of tumescent liposuction surgery depends on what needs to be done and where. Some patients ask for only one small area to be sculpted, while others have many regions treated. It can take from 45 minutes for a small case to four or more hours for more extensive surgery.

Body Lift involves liposuction and takes much longerLiposuction is also a common tool used in many other forms of Plastic Surgery Sculpture. These operations also can vary from a few passes of a very small Microliposuction cannula needed to refine a Belly Button during Umbilicoplasty. On the other end of the spectrum is the major feathering needed of transition zones of a Tumescent Lower Body Lift which can involve many hours of surgery. Some of this liposuction is actually removing the excess fat of the transition zone. Other time is part of the use of the Lockwood dissector, a long instrument made just like a liposuction cannula, but without being hooked up to the suction machine. This tool is used to free up tissue to balance the draping of the skin. This type of dissection is often a component of other liposuction surgery. Strokes are taken with the machine turned off to help with skin draping. But back on point, time of surgery can vary greatly.

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