Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Collection of Young Plastic Surgery Patient Drawings

This section shows drawings done by my patients at home and brought to my office. I present them here as a demonstration of how plastic surgery is seen through their eyes. The walls of drawings in my office seems to have made them more comfortable and inspired more drawings.

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Child plastic surgery done by Dr. Bermant.
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Cosmetic surgery for infants and young children.

Plastic surgery in young children.

Pediatric Plastic Surgery is done by Bermant Plastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Bermant plastic surgery for young children

This young patient fell off of a minibike taking a hole out of his knee. He wanted to tell others how important it was to wear a safety helmet. Riding a minibike itself has its own dangers.

Bermant pediatric plastic surgery.

7 year old female had a back post of ear ring stuck in her ear lobe. The post was removed in our office operating room. Yes we have a lot of cabinets for our supplies. Although somewhat hard on the parent, their support is usually appreciated by the patient.

Young children drawing of plastic and cosmetic surgery by Dr. Bermant.

11 year old male fell down and cut his lip on the floor while playing basketball. The lip was repaired in the emergency department with his parent sitting next to and comforting him. My operating loupes (magnifying glasses) made enough of an impact to be included in his drawing.

Drawing of plastic surgery in kids by Dr. Bermant.

This drawing by a 6 year old who fell off her bicycle and cut her chin. I repaired the laceration of the chin. She proudly showed me in the drawing the helmet she was wearing which probably prevented more severe injury. Her purple bicycle is just to the left of the green driveway. The house is above the driveway. This patient and her doctor are asking you to wear your safety gear when riding a bicycle.

Kids plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in young children. 9 year old daughter of a patient who cut the end of his finger wanted to know more about plastic surgery. She had thought I was about to design a plastic finger for him. After our discussion she looked up the definition.
Pediatric plastic surgery.

9 year old with multiple dog bite lacerations of the leg. The patient wrote this note during the several debridements of the wound. He eventually needed a reclosure of the wound. He participated in the discussions about the surgery.

Drawing of child's plastic surgery.

9 year old with a lip scar comments about her reconstructive surgery. I repaired her lip laceration two years earlier. She cut her lip when she fell off of a bicycle

kid drawing plastic surgery

6 year old who ran into a metal post cutting his cheek. We found a common topic of interest - Star Trek. During the repair he was explaining his dream of his starship cookie. The saucer section was a large cookie. He described a voyages to the planet of the mustard and ketchup guys. He explained that he hates mustard and likes ketchup.

kid drawing plastic and cosmetic surgery
kid drawing cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery by Dr. Bermant

These drawings are by a 10 year old who tried diving off backwards off the diving board. Hitting her head on the concrete side she lost consciousness. The ER doctors evaluated her for more severe injuries. I then repaired the cut of her eyelid and brow which can be seen on the second drawing. She asked me to tell other children:

  • to be careful when diving
  • do not do things you have never done
  • before without someone helping you
kid painting of plastic surgery

kids drawing wrecked car plastic surgery repair

Click here for a view of her laceration and repair. This is somewhat graphic.

This 17 year old was fortunately wearing her seat belt for this motor vehicle accident. She drew what was left of the car. When patients do not wear their seat belts, we see very severe lacerations as their faces go through the windshield. Air bags and seat belts seem to be an even safer combination (WHEN BOTH ARE USED CORRECTLY). Remember to follow your car manufacturer's recommendation for children in air bag equipped cars.

kid drawing truck plastic surgery


This 10 year old slipped on his toy truck and landed on his toy box. I repaired a laceration of the eyebrow and forehead.


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