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Male Nipples Function and Why men have Nipples

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Explore pictures before and after cosmetic nipple surgery for large nipples in men. Plastic and cosmetic surgery by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD.

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Men's Nipple, why do men have nipples. Surgical Craftsmanship Why do men have nipples and what is the purpose of men's nipples. Your Special Needs Nipples Men - the function of the male nipple Individualized Education Male Nipples - what is the reason for male nipples. Tender Care Why Men's Nipples - the reason for male nipples Personalized Service Nipple reduction surgery photos in men with gynecomastia Become Comfortable Nipple function in men - male nipples.

Male Nipples - What Are Their Function / Purpose?

Male Nipples, the function of nipples in men. Why do men have nipples? Why are there nipples in men? Male Nipple Function
Why do men have nipples? Why do Men have Nipples?
Why men's nipples? Why do men have nipples? Why are there nipples in men? The function and purpose of the male nipple.
The male nipple - why are there nipples in men? Male Nipples and nipple function in men.

Without Nipples the Male Chest Looks Strange - move cursor over link text or nipples in picture to left. The nipples provide a focus point for the male chest. They direct the eye to the curve of the pectoral muscle.

Men and women are mammals (from the Latin mamma breast) a species that have breasts and feeds its young with milk. The human embryo has tissue that will evolve into breasts. Both male and female babies are born with nipples and ducts intact. It is the presence of genes that direct hormones to differentiate the breast tissue. The Y chromosome stimulates hormones such as testosterone to form male features.

Insufficient or defective testosterone, poor tissue responsiveness, or an unbalance of other hormones like Estrogen and Prolactin can cause female like breasts even in men (Gynecomastia). At birth, the small amount of the mother's estrogen in the baby can result in small breasts that usually resolve. There can be an inbalance of hormones during male puberty that can result in temporary breast growth, which for most resolves. There are many medical problems and drugs that can cause male breast growth.

The nipple is actually the central protrusion inside of the pigmented areola. There is a thin muscle just under the skin that when stimulated, tends to flatten the puffed male nipple areola. This muscle when stimulated in a breast feeding woman, projects the nipple for the baby. Nerves that innervate the nipple / areola can produce pleasure for both men and women.

The male chest without nipples has an unusual look - move your cursor over text or nipples. Dr. Bermant did not remove the nipples from this bodybuilder. This picture is after surgery to sculpt the previously deforming gynecomastia. Men's nipples and areola that are puffy can distort the male chest profile. Long nipples can also be a problem. Explore the following links to learn more.

Why do Men have Nipples? Why nipples in men? What is the purpose of the male nipple? Male Nipple Function.
why do men have nipples Why are there nipples in men?
why do men have nipples why do men have nipples why do men have nipples What is the purpose of the male nipple?
why do men have nipples What does the male nipple do?
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