Abdominoplasty Surgical Sculpture of the Abdomen - Introduction.

Tummy Tuck in Richmond Virginia and for descriminating patients from around the world.The abdomen or tummy comes in many different sizes and shapes. Time, gravity, weight loss, and pregnancies take their toll on our abdominal region. What we perceive as a "normal" stomach is influenced by television, magazines, art, and advertising.

The problem is loose abdominal skin. Visit our extensive Sagging Stomach Picture Galleries to learn about documentation for tissue tightness or loose. Learn why few photos just does not really define either the problem nor solution. The body is three dimensional and should move naturally in real life. The excess sagging tissues can extend from the front, to the sides, and to the back. That is why Dr. Bermant includes so many views for his Standard Tummy Tuck Pictures for each patient. Surgery can extend to treat these other areas or settle with a compromise transition zone from what was sculpted to what was left alone. Watch Tummy Tuck Videos tummy tuck abdominoplasty video and movies of the problem before and the results after surgery to best understand how tissues move. Listen to Tummy Tuck Experiences. audio media hear and listen to tummy tuck abdominoplasty experiences Patients discuss their operation and recovery.

Choosing your Tummy Tuck Surgeon is very important. Not all surgeons offer the same skills nor methods of abdominal sculpture. There is much to learn about this surgery. This website is but an introduction to evolution of Dr. Bermant's methodology of documentation, problem solving, and results of his sculpture. We took our patient's education, surgery, after care, and comfort very seriously. Now retired, that passion for public education continues with resources to consider in when trying to solve similar problems.

Bermant Tummy TuckThe following pages have actual patients Dr. Bermant has operated on, their before, during, and after surgery photographs. For each of our many galleries, follow links for more detailed evaluation. Since his Tumescent Techniques have limited bruising, we can show images of very early results and what happened in the operating room.

Use our Anatomy of Tummy Tuck Photo Gallery to better understand Dr. Bermant's operating room techniques. During surgery photos and his drawings help you see sagging structures and tissue tightening. Others may wish to avoid the large graphic images or start with a less detailed version: Tumescent Anesthesia.

Stomach Plastic SurgeryLearn why Dr. Bermant has been very excited with his Tumescent Tummy Tuck. Anesthesia evolved into Local with heavy sedation providing a better superior experience than General. Read patient's experiences Tumescent Anesthesia. Patients were more comfortable after surgery, have reduced swelling and bruising, use less pain medication, and more mobile with increased ease of activity. Our Bruising Swelling Recovery Photograph Gallery show our typical patient paths between the before and after views. The many movies also demonstrate how the patients were moving early after surgery and comfort experiences.


stomach plastic surgeryabdominal plastic surgery of the stomachTummy Tuck Abdominoplasty Cosmetic Surgery can make major changes for the abdominal wall. Dr. Bermant prefers to tailor his surgical solution for each patient's specific problem. Learn more about this patient here.

Left Picture: Before Abdominoplasty Surgery

Right Picture:11 Months After Surgery

Drooping stomach wall tissues can look terrible. Even clothing will not hide some abdominal deformities. This surgery can restore a more youthful appearance to the abdomen. Abdominoplasty can make you feel much better about yourself.

After weight lossAfter abdominal plastic surgery.This patient had loose skin after massive weight loss. Learn more about this patient.

Left Picture: Before Surgery

Right Picture:5 Months After Surgery

Tumescent Technique permits Dr. Bermant to perform extended abdominal sculpture under Local Anesthesia with Heavy Sedation.


Pictures female patient after massive weight loss.Pictures female patient after massive weight loss and then having a tumescent tummy tuck.Learn about the advantages of this anesthesia and sculpture.

Left Picture: Before Surgery for Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss.

Right Picture: Tight skin 10 months after Dr. Bermant's surgery. More about this patient's surgery after weight loss.


before cosmetic surgery of the abdomen done in Richmond VAafter stomach surgery. Also called tummytuckPictures: Before Abdominal Plastic Surgery and 3 months after body sculpture.


Limited incision minituck can sculpt loose muscle wall and localized fat with shorter scars. It cannot deal with as much redundant skin as the larger incision tummy tuck.

picture before surgery After mini-tuck with limited incision during hysterectomy after mini abdominoplasty photograph

Left Picture: Markings Before Minituck Middle Photo: 7 Days After Mini-Tuck.

Right Photograph: 7 Days After Mini Tuck Surgery.


Pictures after gastric bypass weight loss surgery.Pictures after male abdominoplasty after gastric bypass weight loss surgery.Men also can have loose skin such as this male patient after gastric bypass and massive weight loss.

The belly button is part of each Tummy Tuck. Sagging Skin tethering Belly Button Anatomy defines drooping deformity of excess tissue. Belly button surgery alone manage more localized navel deformity.

Take you time to browse through the many examples of Dr. Bermant's sculpture. View each patient from many different angles to understand the extent of the problem, surgery, and results. Use our resources to define problems and evaluate solutions offered here and elsewhere.

Have questions? Retired, Dr. Bermant's still shares his knowledge with forum responses. Want to discuss your stomach concerns with others? Share experiences? Visit our Tummy Tuck Forum. For a more specific discussion board, use our navigation menu.

Have you developed a better way to sculpt the abdomen? Join our discussion group and show us what can be done.

Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

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