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Learn about tumescent breast lift mastopexy surgery and pain / comfort after surgery

Comfort and Dr. Bermant's Tumescent Breast Lift Mastopexy

Natural breast lift surgery (mastopexy) for breast ptosis (drooping breasts) with short scar technique by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

Michael Bermant, MD
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Pain and discomfort after Breast Lift Mastopexy can be minimized.

Learn about comfort after tumescent breast lift mastopexy surgeryPain is subjective. Each individual has their own perception of discomfort. Dr. Bermant takes the comfort of his patients very seriously. He has evolved techniques to minimize pain and discomfort with his surgical sculpture.

Breast Lift Mastopexy patients for years typically have needed significant pain medication. Dr. Bermant noted that his patients having liposuction, and tumescent breast reduction for men were much more comfortable than than those having conventional breast lift surgery. That was when he evolved his Tumescent Breast Lift methods. Since then, he has been pleased with the increased comfort his breast lift patients now report.

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Many different factors contribute to comfort after surgery.

Comfort and what is sore after tumescent breast lift mastopexy surgeryDiscomfort and what hurts or is sore after tumescent breast lift mastopexy surgeryDegree of the problem
Sculpted tissue can be uncomfortable. How much is sculpted can factor into patient comfort after surgery. Even Dr. Bermant's Tumescent Breast Lift techniques have been commenting about their comfort after surgery.

Pictures and Movies Breast Lift Mastopexy movie Breast Lift Mastopexy Movie with Audio Before & After Short Scar LeJour Vertical Breast Lift Mastopexy


Tumescent Breast Lift Mastopexy patients can be comfortable under local anesthesia with heavy sedation.Anesthesia
Anesthesia techniques can preempt pain. Dr. Bermant has evolved his Tumescent Anesthesia with Sedation to an art form. Waking up from surgery comfortable is the start of the process. Each patient's tumescent technique and sedation are individualized for the best operative experience. Special medications minimize nausea. We ask each patient to help us after surgery by limiting vertigo effects of travel motion by limiting their travel for at least 24 hours.

Dr. Bermant's Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery patients often tell him they are comfortable and just feel sore with tenderness.Surgery
Breast Lift surgery can take many forms depending on the problem, preferences and skill of the surgeon. Dr. Bermant has evolved his surgical sculpture to minimize bruising, swelling, and trauma. With his Tumescent Tummy Tuck, he minimizes tissue injury with precision sculpture. That is how he is able to post tissue evolution pictures so soon after surgery.


What is sore and tender after tumescent breast lift mastopexyAftercare
Dr. Bermant has designed his patients' recovery after breast lift surgery to minimize pain and discomfort and ease early return to work and activities.

3 Days After Tumescent Breast Lift Mastopexy
The white tapes are added support for the wound. Superficial sutures are all typically dissolvable. This patient used only 2 of the prescription pain pills after surgery. Beyond that, just plain Tylenol alone kept her comfortable. She described her breasts as just being sore, no pain. You can see what she means by watching this movie just 3 days after her Breast Lift surgery when the patient discusses her experiences and demonstrates where her breasts are sore.

Learn about comfort after tumescent breast lift mastopexyMedication
Some patients prefer the option of possible injection medication after surgery and choose our hospital ambulatory surgery up to 23 hour stay (which can easily be extended for those who want the reasonably priced extended stay). Most patients tell me they are comfortable enough on oral medication and either just stay less than a day or leave the hospital the same day of surgery. Other patients prefer Dr. Bermant's Accredited Surgery Center recovering as an outpatient.

Each of Dr. Bermant's patients is given a prescription for strong pain medication. However, most of our patients seem to need few of the more powerful pills and then take just regular non-prescription Tylenol for comfort after surgery. Our patients typically say they feel sore and tender like they just had a heavy work-out.

What you do after surgery has a great bearing on comfort.

After Your Surgery
We need our patients to become part of the team to optimize results. After Dr. Bermant evolved his surgical sculpture Comfortable patient only 3 days after breast lift mastopexytechniques to have such little swelling and bruising as seen on these web pages, small factors can influence the result. Understanding aftercare and limitations of activities is important. Comfort is Nature’s way of letting you know what a recovering body will tolerate. Push healing tissue too far and you will injure it causing further damage, discomfort, and swelling.

Only 3 days after Dr. Bermant's Tumescent Technique Breast Lift (more on this female patient after sagging breast surgery).

Tumescent Breast Lift Mastopexy surgery

Breast Lift Mastopexy
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Dr. Bermant's Tumescent Breast Lift Surgery

Male Mastopexy Breast Lift in Men

Tumescent Breast Lift Mastopexy surgery


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