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Congenital Cleft Earlobe Repair and Reconstruction

Repairing cleft earlobe deformity present since birth.

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Congenital Cleft Earlobe Defect - Definition and Repair

The congenital cleft earlobe, or Coloboma Lobuli, is a rare split of the lobule of the ear present at birth. The number, location, and depth of the defect can vary. There can be missing tissue or enough for easy reconstruction. The fissure can be vertical or horizontal. The problem can be on one side or both. Each side can be different. Cartilage is usually spared.

The repair can be done almost at any age. Waiting until a child can cooperate with healing has advantages. Yet, scars heal better with younger tissues. In any case, completing the reconstruction before the child has scared emotionally by peers has an immense advantage.

The repair technique needs to be individualized for the specific defect.

picture cleft earlobe picture after repair cleft earlobe Picture normal earlobe

Above pictures congenital cleft earlobe before and only 6 days after reconstruction otoplasty. Left picture of the patient's normal ear. Below is the repair in the operating room. earlobe repair in operating room

The cleft was sculpted under local anesthesia. This particular defect had excess tissue permitting an easier match to the other side.


picture congenital cleft earlobe picture after reconstruction congenital split earlobe Picture normal earlobe

Above pictures congenital cleft earlobe before and 6 days after reconstruction otoplasty. Left picture of the patient's normal ear.

The repair of the coloboma lobuli deformity depends on the defect. In this patient, there was sufficient tissue to remove a wedge at the edge of the deformity to match the other side.

template to match other side

Dr. Bermant used a template of the other side to match his surgical sculpture.


picture coloboma lobuli picture after correction cleft earlobePicture normal earlobeAbove pictures congenital cleft earlobe before and 6 days after reconstruction otoplasty. Left picture of the patient's normal ear to match.

Although his left ear stuck out more, the difference did not bother the patient. This could have been sculpted with a Conchal Bowl Pinback Otoplasty on that side only. Not all elements need to be addressed during surgery. At any time in the future, he can have that aspect operated on.


picture cleft earlobe defect Picture after congenital cleft earlobe repairPicture normal earlobe

Above pictures congenital cleft earlobe before and 6 days after reconstruction otoplasty. Left picture of the patient's normal ear.

From behind the difference in projection of the ears becomes more obvious. The Conchal Bowl Pinback Otoplasty on the left would have balanced the ears even more.



Patient did not like his split earlobe. Unlike a traumatic torn lobe, this deformity had been present since birth. That is why it is called a Congenital Cleft Earlobe.

22 year old male

Operation: Congenital Cleft Earlobe Deformity Reconstruction

Location Surgery: Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center (Office Operating Room)

Anesthesia: Local

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