Bermant Otoplasty Plastic Surgery of the Ears

Earlobe Repair for Partial Division

Before and after pictures of a patient needing ear lobe sculpture.

Michael Bermant, MD
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Bermant earlobe repair and reconstruction of torn ear lobe
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Pictures of earlobe repair

Patient was concerned with her torn ear lobe. Over the years, earrings had slowly divided the lobe until only a small bridge of skin remained.

84 year old female

Operation: Jelly Roll Flap reconstruction earlobe

Surgery location: Hospital Operating Room (due to age and medical concerns)

Anesthesia: Local

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Torn ear lobe pictures before earlobe repair. Pictures of torn ear lobe before earlobe repair.

Left Picture:

Torn earlobe before earlobe repair

Right Picture:

Torn earlobe before repair

There were places for 2 earrings in this earlobe. Only the lower one had torn.

Pictures after torn ear lobe deformity and earlobe repair.

Picture: Repair of torn earlobe

This picture is of the earlobe at the time of the repair. The white region is from adrenaline of the local anesthetic injected to numb the ear during surgery.

The sculpture requires removing the rounded edges of the defect and the small remaining bridge. Part of the tissues from the edge of the slit were folded into a jelly roll to line the new hole for her earrings. Repair without sculpture would have left a slot in the lobe.

This patient was on Coumadin blood thinner increasing the amount of bruising from what is normally seen.

Torn ear lobe pictures after earlobe repair. Torn ear lobe pictures well after earlobe repair.

Left Picture:

7 days after earlobe repair

Right Picture:

19 days after earlobe repair

Patients have easy access from Washington,Fairfax,Alexandria,Fredericksburg,Williamsburg,Newport News,Hampton,Virginia Beach,Lynchburg,Roanoke,Charlottesville,Rockville,Richmond,Charlotte, and Raleigh.

Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Earlobe Repair

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