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Plastic Surgery of the Ears - Dynamic Technique Otoplasty

Ear Plastic Surgery and Otoplasty - Dr. Bermant's Artist's Pallet of Surgical Sculpture

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Bermant Dynamic Technique cosmetic ear surgery
dynamic technique otoplasty ear plastic surgery Surgical Craftsmanship artist's pallet ear plastic surgery otoplasty Your Special Needs Otoplasty ear cosmetic surgery Individualized Education
Bermant otoplasty ear surgery
Tender Care Otoplasty surgery in RIchmond Virginia Personalized Service Otoplasty ear plastic surgery Become Comfortable Ear Surgery Dr. Bermant Otoplasty Surgeon.

Plastic Surgery of the Ears - OtoplastyPlastic Surgery of the Ears - Details Otoplasty Operative Technique

Each ear deformity is unique. Varying component of the ear can contribute to the shape. Dr. Bermant prefers to individualize each ear's plastic surgery to fit the specific problem. With his Dynamic Technique, Dr. Bermant approaches each ear with an artist's pallet of surgical options that can vary from patient to patient, and can vary for each side.

Caution the Links Below Have Graphic Pictures During Plastic Surgery of the Ears

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Plastic Surgery Ears MarkingsOtoplasty Plastic Surgery of the Ears Details

Otoplasty ear surgery elements can include:

  • Reduction
  • Weakening
  • Augmentation
  • Moving / Bending
  • Revision
  • A Combination of These Techniques

Suture Sculpture Plastic Surgery Ears

Details Mustarde Suture Setback Antehelix Folding Otoplasty Surgery can bend a flat Antihelix pinning the ear closer to the head.


Anterior Cartilage Scoring Pinback Otoplasty weakens stiff cartilage creating a gentle bend lessening the work of the Mustarde sutures.

Plastic Surgery Ears- Cartilage Scoring

Concha Setback Otoplasty flattens a projecting Concha Bowl closer to the head. Spira's Concha Flap is a variation of this technique. In this example the concha is set back and the Anthelix folded - both were needed for this patient's ear.

Concha Bowl Setback Otoplasty Ear Surgery
Earlobe Repositioning Otoplasty - can be an essential component to keep the ear balanced with plastic surgery. Dr. Bermant uses various earlobe surgery options depending on the deformity. earlobe otoplasty plastic surgery of ears
Hatch Sutures to Set Back Top of Helix - is another element that may be needed for balance during ear plastic surgery. hatch otoplasty suture ear plastic surgery


Helix Otoplasty Rim of Ear Plastic Surgery

Rim Expansion Double Banner Helix Flaps for Constricted Ear Otoplasty expansion helix rim otopalsty ear surgery

Antia Bush Helix Slide Otoplasty reshapes a deformed rim of ear defect.

Learn more about the Cartilage Skin Sculpture of this rim of ear surgery

Helix Slide Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Scapha Folding Otoplasty

Ear Reduction Surgery

Scapha Macrotia Big Ear Reduction Otoplasty

More photos during big scapha reduction

scapha reduction otoplasty ear surgery Reduce Scapha Ear Surgery plastic surgery to reduce scapha of ears
Photographs of Macrotia Surgery
macrotia big ear reduction otoplasty Conchal Floor Reduction ear reduction otoplasty for macrotia Conchal Post Wall Reduction otoplasty ear reduction for macrotia Antihelix Reduction
reduction otoplasty for macrotia or big ears Scapha Reduction otoplasty ear reduction for macrotia Helix Reduction macrotia reduction concha repair and setback Concha Repair / Setback
Photographs During Ear Reduction Surgery
ear reduction surgery exposure Helix Rim Flap Elevation concha and antehelix reduction Reduce Concha / Antihelix sculpture of concha bowl and antihelix cartilage Sculpture Concha / Antihelix
scapha ear reduction surgery Reduce Scaphoid Fossa helix rim and auricle reduction surgery Reduce Helix / Auricle lobule ear reduction surgery Macrotia Earlobe Setback
reduction earlobe surgery Reduction Earlobe Surgery Medial Excision reduce big earlobes Reduce Big Earlobes as part of Macrotia Reduction
Pictures of overfolded antehelix deformity. Pictures after unfolding antihelix fold.

Ear Surgery to Revise Over folded Antihelix for a constricted antihelical deformity.

Pictures details surgery to revise concha bowl deformity.

Revise Conchal Bowl Deformity after prior operation on ear.

Otoplasty with Skin Graft

Otoplasty with Cartilage Graft

Split Earlobe Reconstruction

Otoplasty Ear Surgery
Patients have easy access for ear pinback, pin back, and ear pinning otoplasty from Washington,Fairfax,Alexandria,Fredericksburg,Williamsburg,Newport News,Hampton,Virginia Beach,Lynchburg,Roanoke,Charlottesville,Rockville,Richmond,Charlotte, and Raleigh.

Otoplasty Ear Surgery

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