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Laceration of face from dogbite with flap repair.

Face Laceration - Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can cause much deformity. Learn several situations to lessen the chance of dog bite injuries.

Michael Bermant, MD
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Dog botge prevention - avoiding dog bites Surgical Craftsmanship Plastic surgery for lacerations and punctures from dogs Your Special Needs dog bites - avoidance and prevention Individualized Education preventing dog bites and lacerations Tender Care preventing plastic surgery needs - dog bite prevention Personalized Service dog bites prevention and surgery Become Comfortable Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Bermant Cosmetic Surgeon.

Children are unusually susceptible to dog bite lacerations. I am not certain if the cause is from easier to tear skin or failing to understand a dog's body language. Each of these injuries was from a dog bite. See information on preventing dog bite injuries elsewhere on this website.

Dog bites can range from simple punctures, to jagged tears, to missing gouges of flesh. The largest teeth (the canines) can penetrate minimally or catch and tears result as in these cases.

Facial reconstruction after dog bite
The lacerations Healed The lacerations Healed
dog bite facial laceration photograph dog bite after surgery picture before surgery dog bite laceration after surgery dog bite laceration

These multiple facial lacerations required debridement and plastic surgical reconstruction. I remove crushed devitalized tissue in an attempt to make the first repair count. A good reconstruction at the time of injury may prevent the need for subsequent revision. Early plastic surgery can sometimes prevent the need for later plastic surgery. Some insurance companies no longer pay for revision of scars claiming such reconstruction is "cosmetic" and not covered under the policy.


Forehead laceration from dog bite
The injury After repair
dog bite laceration face before repair photo after dog bite repair

This flap like laceration is a tear from the dog's tooth. A section of eyebrow came away with the torn skin. I angled the skin debridement along the axis of the brow hairs. This lessens the chance of non-hair bearing scar in the eyebrow. No plastic surgery revision was necessary.


Torn eyelid from dog bite
dog bite laceration eyelid / dogs

This dog bite tore at the margin of the eyelid just missing the eyeball and the tear duct that drains the eye. My reconstruction included a functional repair of the eyelid and margin to keep the eyelashes aligned


Dog bite and redness of cheek
dog bites from dogs

Dog bites can get infected easily. I frequently prescribe antibiotics to minimize the infection becoming worse. The redness responded quickly to an intravenous antibiotic.


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