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Glorified Face

Glorified Face

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Dear Dr. Bermant,

My request is unusual. The face I want to redo has already gone on to glory. You see, my brother and his wife lost their young daughter this past November. She died after a long suffering life of 15 years. H was born merconium aspiration in l982, with severe brain damage and many other problems. She had no speech, no voluntary movement except to turn her head. After many near death experiences, she settled in to a life of multiple daily seizures, numerous bouts with pneumonia, congestive heart failure, hip displacement due to hypertrophied muscles which required several surgeries. (am I explaining these things right?) I really don't know the terminology, but I'm sure you get the picture. She was quite overweight at her death, because she had to be fed high calorie food with medication through a tube in her tummy and was completely paralyzed. Medication had puffed up her cheeks and ruined her complexion. Seizures and medicines had distended her teeth and gums, so much so that her mouth could not close. And of course, since her brain did not grow, neither did the top of her head. It was painful to see her. But her mom and dad loved her. And in the midst of all her odd features was a head full of gorgeous black hair, and these two big beautiful eyes, though seldom was there a glimmer of gladness or recognition. In early years she seemed to have more recognition. Probably numerous strokes robbed her as time went on even of that.

H's funeral was a time of rejoicing. We are a family of Christians, and we know that she is in a wonderful place now. She has a new body, and a new face. But her mom and dad were not able to enjoy her as most of us are able to enjoy our children. I have it in my heart that I want to give them a picture of H as she might look now, in her new, glorified body. It occurs to me that perhaps a plastic surgeon might have the computer-ability to give us that picture. I have a variety of pictures of H at different ages and stages in her development. Also pictures of her mom, whom she probably would have looked very much like. Is it possible that you could do this, and would consider helping me with this project? I have included a letter, written by her father and read at H's funeral, just to yank your heart strings a bit more.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter. I hope to hear from you in the near future.



Dear H,

There is so much I want to say. You never tasted watermelon, or ice cream, or chocolate cake. You never held a puppy and let it lick your face. You never held my hand and walked thru the leaves in the fall. You never got to do much with me at all. But you touched my life in ways I can't explain. Thru all your sorrow and all your pain, your eyes told your story. You would just look up at me with those big brown eyes, and with a laugh and a giggle, cut right thru my heart straight to my soul. I wish everyone could have known you, H. You were such a special person. You never asked anything of me, but you gave all you had, and you had so much to give. God has surely blessed me. Goodbye. I will miss you.

Love, Daddy

I was moved by your beautiful request. Although artistic, I do not know if I will be able to do in computer imagery what beauty you have accomplished in words. I am willing to try. I will try to deliver my best, and I only hope that will not disappoint you.

Michael Bermant, MD

glorified face glorified face
Mom at 17  Mom & H 1983

glorified face

Mom & H 1997

glorified faceglorified face

Thank you, Doctor! That is no doubt H! I appreciate this so much! If you can believe it, she looks amazingly like another niece of mine...another brothers' child!

Thank you again, and God bless you richly

I am deeply grateful for what you have done. My family as well, thanks you. The work you put in is deeply appreciated, and I pray Gods' richest blessings on you in your work and in your life. I am eager to get this final picture and begin to pass it around among my family members, and hear the scuttlebutt which will be forthcoming, as they see my niece A's face, as well as H's. Please know that we are forever grateful for this gift you have given us.

sincerely, M

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