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Male Mammograms - photographs of mammorgraphy in men with Gynecomastia

Mammograms in Men for - Gynecomastia (Male Breast Enlargement)

Explore mammogram photographs of gynecomastia. Plastic and cosmetic surgery by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD.

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Male Mammography for Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction

Start with an Introduction to Male Mammogram here. Mammograms in men can be helpful during Dr. Bermant's evaluation. We prefer that you bring prior actual films to the office at the time of your consultation.

This patient had 2 prior mammograms ordered by other doctors before seeking Dr. Bermant's help. The first series was 7 years before surgery. The second was 10 months before surgery. Having 2 sets of mammograms is not common but presents an usual opportunity of male mammogram documented gland growth over time.

Photographs of male mammograms Photographs of gynecomastia mammograms

Left Picture: Male mammogram right breast, photograph 7 years before surgery.

Right Picture: Larger gland right breast - male mammogram 10 months before surgery

Gynecomastia male mammogram - photographs Breast mammograms in men - photographs

Left Picture: Male mammogram right breast, photograph 7 years before surgery.

Right Picture: Larger gland right breast - male mammogram 10 months before surgery

Breast mammograms in men - photographs Photographs of male mammograms for gynecomastia of breast

Left Image: Mammograms in men, photograph 7 years before surgery.

Right Pictures: Larger gland - male mammogram 10 months before surgery

Photographs of gynecomastia mammograms in men Male mammography for gynecomastia of male breasts

Mammograms in male, left photograph of both left and right breasts 7 years before surgery.

Right Images: Larger gland - male mammogram of both left and right breasts 10 months before surgery.

Dr. Bermant prefers a clinical examination of the breast to determine if mammography or other testing should be performed before surgery. Male mammography can help distinguish between cancer and benign growths. Not all men having gynecomastia chest contouring need mammograms. Learn more about Gynecomastia Testing and Diagnosis.

Mammography in men. Cooper RA, Gunter BA, Ramamurthy L.

Concluded that men with breast enlargement or mass who has a negative mammogram need not undergo a biopsy unless there are "clinical indications." Men under the age of 50 with diffuse breast enlargement or central mass under the areola does not need mammography unless there are other "strong clinical indications."

Mammographic appearances of male breast disease. Appelbaum AH, Evans GF, Levy KR, Amirkhan RH, Schumpert TD.

Discusses how mammograms can distinguish benign breast disease from malignancy in men.

The diagnostic accuracy of mammography in the evaluation of male breast disease. Evans GF, Anthony T, Turnage RH, Schumpert TD, Levy KR, Amirkhan RH, Campbell TJ, Lopez J, Appelbaum AH.

Concludes that mammography can accurately distinguish between malignant and benign male breast disease. Mammograms (when indicated - MB) with clinical examinations can reduce the need for breast biopsy.

Gynecomastia and risk for malignant tumours- a cohort investigation. Olsson HL, Bladstrom A, Alm P.

While there was a significant increased risk of testicular cancer and squamous cell skin cancer seen in men with gynecomastia, there was no increased risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Bermant is able to answer your questions about mammography during your consultation after an evaluation.

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