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Bermant Double Incision Skin Reduction Chest Lift

Double Incision Skin Reduction Chest Lift for Drooping After Weight Loss and Gynecomastia

Explore male mastopexy chest lift for sagging after weight loss and gynecomastia surgery for men. Plastic and cosmetic surgery by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Gynecomastia with loose extra skin plastic surgery.Surgical CraftsmanshipBig areola reduction for gynecomastia.Your Special NeedsMale breast excess skin reduction in gynecomastia.Individualized EducationGynecomastia and redundant skin laxityTender CareReduction of extra skin and tissue in gynecomastia in men.Personalized ServiceGynecomastia with tissue laxity and extra skinBecome ComfortableCosmetic Surgery Dr. Bermant Cosmetic Surgeon.

Excess Skin Reduction Male Mastopexy Chest Lift for Men

Dr. Bermant prefers techniques that minimize scars. Male Chest Surgery for Excess Skin options depend on compromise. Dr. Bermant's Short Scar Male Mastopexy Chest Lift has minimal external scars, but does not reduce skin. There can be significant skin shrinkage with surgery or weight loss. However, some skin only shrinks so far. As the degree of excess skin get worse, there needs to be someplace to remove that extra skin. The Upper Chest Lift may be a better option for those After Massive Weight Loss when the problem of loose skin and hanging tissues extend around the body. That scar around the upper body is a compromise. The Double Incision Skin Reduction demonstrated here is one of several options between these methods.

Move your cursor over small pictures.Male Chest Excess Skin Gynecomastia
loose skin male chest gland removed 5. Gland Removed Leaving Hole. Ellipse of Redundant SFS Fat is Then Removed.
Excess skin chest SFS flaps 6. Upper and Lower Edges of the SFS (Superficial Facial Suspension System
sfs advanced and sutured for chest lift excess skin 7. SFS Repair Resuspends and Lifts Drooping Chest
excess skin SFS advanced - Skin Reduction Chest Lift 8. Areola Flap (Thinned by Gland Excision) Brought Over Layer of SFS Fat
Excess Skin Male Chest of Gynecomastia 1. Drooping Chest with Excess Skin and Gynecomastia Before Skin Reduction Male Mastopexy
fat and gland of gynecomastia male chest with excess skin 2. Deformity of Drooping Chest Consists of Hanging Fat Gland and Sagging Skin
male chest skin removed from around areola flap - Skin Reduction Chest Lift 3. Superficial Skin from Surrounding Areola Removed Leaving Areola Skin.
Dermis exposed areola flap - Skin Reduction Chest Lift 4. Exposed Dermis of Areola Flap Preserves Blood Supply and Optimizes Sensation to Nipple
Excess upper skin advanced 9.Upper Skin Pulled Down Over Lifted Lower Chest and Excess Removed.
New Hole Upper Skin - Skin Reduction Chest Lift 10. Areola Comes Through New Hole in Upper Skin
How Long a Scar - Skin Reduction Chest Lift 11. How Long a Scar Depends on the Extent of Loose Skin & Compromises
Scar Hides Under Pectoral Muscles - Skin Reduction Chest Lift 12. Lower Skin Scar Hides Under Shadow of Pectoral Muscles

To better learn more, start with this patient's Skin Reduction Male Chest Lift. For a large breasted female to male chest reconstruction, start here.

Dr. Bermant sees patients from around the world who prefer his techniques. Standard Pictures for Male Breast Lift and Sagging of the Male Chest can help minimize travel. However, this is a problem that is best evaluated during an examination. Photographs just do not show elasticity, skin tension, or laxity as well as a hands on in office evaluation. There is much to learn about this problem. If you are interested in learning more, call our office during regular office hours for an appointment. After an examination and evaluation Dr. Bermant will be better able to help you explore your options.

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