Bermant Otoplasty Plastic Surgery of the Ears

Revision Ear Surgery - Revise Deformity of Prior Otoplasty

Revision otoplasty surgery can improve deformed ears.

Michael Bermant, MD
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Revision Ear Surgery for deformed ears after otoplasty
Images Revision otoplasty ear plastic surgery
Surgical Craftsmanship Images Repeat ear plastic surgery otoplasty is for deformed ears. Your Special Needs
Images Revise Otoplasty Operation ear cosmetic surgery
Individualized Education Bermant otoplasty ear surgery for complications of cosmetic ear surgery. Tender Care Revision Otoplasty surgery in Richmond Virginia. Personalized Service Repeat Otoplasty ear plastic surgery Become Comfortable See Repeat Cosmetic Ear Surgery by Dr. Bermant Otoplasty Surgeon.

Side images bilateral revision otoplasty ear surgery in female patient

Otoplasty Sculpture: Both ears Revision Conchal Bowl Deformity and Revision Over Folded Antihelix.

35 year old female wanted a revision otoplasty after surgery by another surgeon. She felt her "anti-helical folds (were) deformed. Both ears are very overcorrected. My ears look extremely unnatural." "The natural curve of the helix rim was lost from the front view. The top part of the Y of the anti-helix is way too folded and prominent. Conchal bowl shape has been lost ... and a strange-looking ridge (was there) like a hearing aid." She elaborated that she "didn't really have a low self image before the (prior) otoplasty... I simply didn't like to wear my hair in a pony tail because my ears stuck out. Now, I'm paranoid about the wind blowing my hair away from my ears." She has been to another surgeon for advice before coming to see Dr. Bermant, but said she was told by that doctor to go back to her first surgeon.

Location Surgery: Hospital Operating Room

Anesthesia: Local with sedation

To learn more about this ear deformity and repeat otoplasty, please start here.

At 8 Days after surgery, these results are very early yet show the minimal bruising and swelling of Dr. Bermant's techniques.

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In these close up images, see how strange the before revision surgery looks. After revision otoplasty, the helix rim just barely shows & looks more natural.

Images after revision ear surgery for deformity.

Image Before Otoplasty to Revise Deformed Anthelix

Image Only 8 Days After Revision Ear Surgery

The prior surgeon left the concha with a step-off. Part of the bowl was pushed back behind the front creating a weird lip. Dr. Bermant unfolded this deformity. You can view more details about this conchal bowl revision here.

Image deformed bent ear after otoplasty before revision ear surgery. Images after revision otoplasty for surgical deformity.

Image Before Otoplasty to Revise Deformed Anthelix

Image Only 8 Days After Revision Ear Surgery

The antihelix was also over bent with the first surgery. In addition to bringing the back of the ear too close to the head, there were sharp deformities. Dr. Bermant also released the over folded cartilage with this revision.

Images after secondary ear surgery for deformed concha.

Image Before Otoplasty to Revise Deformed Anthelix

Image Only 8 Days After Revision Ear Surgery

The sharp edges of the antihelix look unnatural compared to the smooth after surgery results.

Image over bent ear deformity after otoplasty before revision ear surgery. Images after revision ear operation for deformed sharp cartilage.

Image Before Otoplasty to Revise Deformed Anthelix

Image Only 8 Days After Revision Ear Surgery

Continue learning about this patient's problem and the revision of the over bent ear.

Image from front before repeat otoplasty Image from front after revision otoplasty Side Images Before Revision Ear Surgery Side Images After Revision Ear Surgery Images over bent ear before otoplasty. Images after otoplasty for over bent ear deformity. Images details surgery to revise concha bowl deformity. Images of overfolded antehelix deformity. Images after unfolding antihelix fold.
Front Images Before and After Repeat Otoplasty Images from Side - Revision Ear Surgery Photos from Behind - Revision Over Bent Ear Revise Concha Bowl Deformity Ear Surgery to Revise Over folded Antihelix
Patients have easy access for revision ear pinback, pin back, and ear pinning otoplasty from Washington,Fairfax,Alexandria,Fredericksburg,Williamsburg,Newport News,Hampton,Virginia Beach,Lynchburg,Roanoke,Charlottesville,Rockville,Richmond,Charlotte, and Raleigh.

Revision Otoplasty

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