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Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Planning Surgery Holiday from Australia

i am from australian and may be making a holiday out your way around sep - oct, i have puffy nipples and glandular gynecomastia and am thinking of sergury, i am 6.1' and 77kg's i will be in town 2 weeks so will that be long enough and if i come in how tight are you booked? and can you give me a ball park cost? thank you

Dr. Bermant responds:

Two weeks is typically more than enough time for those starting with our preliminary remote discussion before the visit. We are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or preliminary remote package. Jane is my manager and can better discuss what time we have available.. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Melbourne Australia

Dear Dr. Bermant,
Thank you for providing such good info on the Webb.
Would you please recommend a Doctor here in Melbourne Australia.
That you know is very good at helping men with the correction of large breasts.
Thank you,

Dr. Bermant responds:

I am sorry, we are not a referral service. The website is an example of my commitment to patient education. We see many patients from Australia and all over the world who prefer my surgical sculpture. Here is a link to one such patient who traveled to Richmond for revision surgery after original surgery done in Australia.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Coming to Australia

I was wondering Doctor if you will ever come down to Australia to do some surgery. I suffer from gyno and seek your expertise (i have been operated on once).

Dr. Bermant responds:

It would be much more expensive for patients to have me and my tean brought for local surgery than traveling here to Richmond, Virginia. Revision gynecomastia surgery may help, it depends on the orignal problem, what was done, how you healed, and other factors. We do see many patients from around the world who prefer my techniques. To minimize travel, many patients from far away start with our preliminary remote discussion.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - 17 year old from Australia

I am a 17 year old male from Australia and i believe i have Gynecomastia. I would really like to know more about the treatment but i cannot find anything here (Melbourne)

Could you please give me a quote if possible and where to go for treatment. I'd appreciate it alot.

Thank you


Dr. Bermant responds:

At your age, this is something you will need to discuss with your parents. Many have told me that they have used my Gynecomastia Male Chest Sculpture here as a framework for discussion with their parents about the problem and possible options. We do see many patients from around the world who prefer what we offer.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Australia Surgery Discussion

Dear Dr Bermant,
I have been looking at your impressive web site and have been considering gynocomastia surgery for some time now.. I spoke to a surgeon in Australia recently whilst on holiday but felt uncomfortable with his attitude and general set up. Again having looked at your web site I would feel comfortable having the surgery at your practice. Could you please tell me the procedure regarding coming to see you from the UK.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your kind words, we do see many patients from the UK and around the world. Jane is my office manager and will be glad to help explain how we are able to help our partients from the UK. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737 typically 9 to 5 Eastern time. Some prefer to start by E-mail.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Moving from Australia Planning Surgery

Dear Doctor Bermant

I am interested in gynecomastia surgery and have spent extensive time reviewing your website.

I am a 24 year old male and developed gynecomastia (I believe) when I was a teenager. The problem subsided to some extent with time, but I still feel that my chest area is "not quite right".

I am heavily into exercise and fitness, and while my total body fat levels are low, my chest area remains unproportionately high in body fat. I can feel the hardened"gland" under both my nipples and I would also like to have the surrounding chest area liposuctioned. I seem to have a "ring of fat" from the inside of my chest next to the nipple running horizontally accross to my latisimus muscle under my armpit.

My questions are:

1)  I have olive skin. Is it correct this skin colour scars badly?
2)  Is it possible to make an incision for the surgery under the armpit, not at the bottom of the nipple?  I have existing scars (stretch marks from weight training) under my armpit on the ridge of my pectoral muslce. Is it possible to cut here so I am not further scarred?

I am moving to the United States from Australia in 1 week. I have always wanted this surgery, but I have not found any doctors here with an extensive track record or who offer such advanced techniques with such little scaring. I am very interested in travelling to your surgery to have this procedure done when I arrive in the States.

I appreciate your time anwering my questions.



Dr. Bermant responds:

Incision location and scarring are important issues. The edge of the areola is a great place to fool the eye about the scar and opens an artist's collection of surgical tools for the sculpture. Remote incisions like the armpit limit techniques and often need to traverse uninvolved tissues and can cause major problems. We are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion. When ready, please give our office a call to learn more how we can help. Jane is my office manager. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Travel from Australia

Dear Sir,

l have attached a link of the exact same nipple problem l have. l see you done a great job on this gentleman and am interested in flying over to the US and getting surgery. What is your total cost. Also would l have to stay at your hospital or catch a cab. Thank you


Dr. Bermant responds:

Cost for Gynecomastia Surgery depends on the problem to be treated, what needs to be done and other factors. We would need to know about your problem. Jane is my office manager and can better discuss preliminary prices and other issues. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Travel fromGold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Dear Dr,
I have an ex-competitive bodybuilder living on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and have a significant case of gyno. I have researched this subject for some years and believe I need full gland removal on both sides with contouring also. My research also has lead me to belive that you are the worlds leading expert in performing surgery to correct this problem. It is essential for me to have the gyno corrected properly with minimal recovery time so I can continue working and training.
In short, I am considering travelling to America to have you perform the surgery. Can you possible forward me any info regarding the surgical procedure and travelling arrangements.
Please send to

Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many patients from Australia and around the world who prefer my techniques and have sent our Preliminary Remote Discussion Package. Jane is my office manager and can discuss how the process works for patients traveling such distances for our care. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737. We look forward to helping you explore your concerns.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Gynecomastia - Western Australia

Hai Dr. Bermant,
My name is C and I live in Western Australia, 1550 km north of Perth. I was very much depressed about my body shape especially with my chest. They look like woman breast. Due to this I never can ware tight shirts. To be specific I hate wearing T-shirts as it shows my breast.
Due to this I started to walk by dropping my shoulders and now I have curved back, so I don’t care about my body anymore and hence had no enjoyment in my life. Oh sorry I forget to mention my age. I’m 26yrs old. Now I’m going to get married soon. And I feel embraced how I gonna be topless.
Today I found this website which I wish could have found long time. I would like to know is it possible to go for a surgery in Western Australia as I can’t offered to come to usa to get this done. Pls give me suggestion and if by any chance where I can get rid of this from my life. Pls…. I need help

Dr. Bermant responds:

Typically we see patients here in Richmond, Virginia for their surgery. Costs for a patient to have me and my team come for surgery are just not practical for most. We do see many patients from around the world who prefer my techniques.

Michael Bermant, MD

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