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New Jersey Gynecomastia Revision for Special Cannula Liposuction Only Failure

Can you get to the glandular tissue without incision directly into the nipple? reason why I ask is; I have had Dr. - from New Jersey operate twice now on my right side and I can feel the gland still? It appears as though he is doing the lypo aroound the gland but not getting the gland? I originally had gyno surgery done only on my left side and the surgeon did incision directly into the nipple and I cannot feel the gland on the left side. Years later I wanted to have the other side done (right side) as I could afford it now and it seems like the Doc - cannot get it right now twice. It's like he is carving the fat around the gland but not hitting the gland? ATTACHED IS A PHOTO, reverse angle because of the mirror, left side. in photo is actually the right side I would like to hear what you think and what may be the problem? I cannot stand looking at this no more after two operations.

Thank you,

Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many Gynecomastia Patients from New Jersey, New York, and around the world who prefer my techniques. Remote removal of the gland does not work. "Specialized Liposuction Cannula" that supposedly remove gland, just do not remove gland. They can remove soft fat, firm fat, but gland remains. The cannula do just as you complain, dig a hole in the fat for the gland to fit within. I see many failures from patients unhappy after being told that they did not need gland excision. This is one of the most common causes that I see for Puffy Nipple Complication after Gynecomastia Surgery.

In normal gynecomastia anatomy, there are fingers of fat between fingers of gland. Liposuction will target the fat, condense the gland and make a bigger mess.

I need access at the edge of the areola for my Dynamic Technique to get to the gland and scar tissue that usually are remaining deforming factors. I access this gland / scar through typically a tiny incision that hides nicely at the edge of the areola chest skin interface.

We are happy to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or a preliminary remote discussion. Your images are not sufficient for this discussion. If you are planning to minimize travel to Virginia, then you will need to complete our forms and send at least my Standard Pictures for Revision Gynecomastia Surgery. At the time of your evaluation, copies of your previous operative reports and doctors' office notes can be of great value in helping me understand the remaining problem.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant. M.D.

New Jersey Gynecomastia Revision for Special Cannula Liposuction Only Failure

Dr. Bermant,

I have meaning to reach out to you for a while now. I had gynecomastia surgery with a Dr. - from NJ about 6 months ago. He swore to me that the issue I had could be corrected using his "special cannula." Unfortunately, as the months have passed, I am disappointed with the final result. I knew I was going to be a problem because of the athletic build I have and how muscular my chest is. He has been very unfair through the whole process and has been blowing me off. Telling me to wait longer every time I call and that he thinks my chest looks great. Because Im close to Dr. -, I decided to meet him in Manhattan and pay $ x to get his professional opinion. He thought that I got a good result. He stated that I was looking for a 100 and got a 99. He also said he would not do a revision because he thought he may make it worse. This was a huge disappointment (I thought something was very odd especially when he said that Dr. - uses the same cannula he uses). It was almost as if he refused doing a revision because it makes his cannula look ineffective. I paid Dr. - about $ x to perform a surgery that I thought would change my life for the better. I am a little more confident in the way it looks but there is still a little area that bothers me. Its right around the nipple. I know everything about this condition. When I started getting estimates, I was thoroughly prepared except for one part. I was sold on the fact that these "special cannulas" would resolve my issue. If you could help me with this problem (and spare me a huge expense) I will forever be your poster boy for why these special cannulas are not an effective option. You can use my name, have potential customers call me, whatever you need from me in order to resolve this and to resolve this at reasonable price. I will be in forever debt to you. I realize now that I should've went to you because of how knowledgeable you are on this condition and the fine artist you are as well.


Dr. Bermant responds:

Unfortunately, I see many patients complaining about such "special cannula" that supposedly remove gland. Many complain of remaining Puffy Nipple Complication after Gynecomastia Surgery.

One of the problems is that some doctors do not evaluate or consider how tissues move after surgery. Make it look good for a single or couple of still photos for a website or paper and success?! It is a partial victory when the contour is flat for a photograph. Sometimes doctors doctors need to pick from several different views just to find a single successful angle. That is why checking results from multiple angles is important and also why I evolved my Standard After Gynecomastia Pictures. It is quite suspicious when a doctor claims "good results" show one or two views from each patient and the selection of angles changes for each patient.

I prefer a higher standard, the results should look good living life, playing sports, enjoying activities with a shirt off. Gland does not compress like fat. More telling of success is seeing how the tissues move with animation. That is what the Flexing muscles views and arms up overhead try to demonstrate. Even more critical are my Standard Gynecomastia Videos.

Although we are happy to help you explore your concerns, offering free or discounted surgery in return for testimonials is unethical and against my Plastic Surgery Society's guidelines.

New Jersey Gynecomastia Revision for Special Cannula Liposuction Only Failure

Dr. Bermant,

I thank you for getting back to me a month ago regarding my concerns about my prior surgery. I need advice and I know you are the number one authority on this condition. I wish you were within a 2 hour drive because I would've seen you months ago. I considered doing the remote consultation with you but the pics will not be enough because you wont really know unless you feel it. Since my surgery, I consulted with Dr. - and Dr. - (from -, New York). Dr. - said he would not consider a revision because he said it may cause more of a problem. However, I wasnt satisifed with what he said because he acted like a proud parent when I told him that my surgeon used a microexcisional cannula that was similiar to his. He refused any revision surgery (I respect his honesty but didnt know what to make of it). I consulted with Dr. - two weeks ago. He said there is a good amount of breast tissue behind the nipple and he suggested open exsision under local anesthesia only (the amount shocked me........$ x). I was told they are both very good but I wanted to get your professional opinion on these two doctors. I have heard very good things about both but Im confused on what to do. I know I have to live with my choices and ultimately I have decide for myself. Im almost sure that I want to get it done because theres something still not right with my chest. As the swelling has gone down over the months, my nipples still seem to protrude out and I can feel dense tissue behind them. I refuse to do a revision surgery with Dr. - (the surgeon who did the original surgery) because I dont feel confident he can give me the results I desire (since he failed the first time). Any advice would be greatly appreciative. Thanks again for your time.

Eatontown, NJ

Dr. Bermant responds:

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery options depend on the original problem, what was done, after surgery care, and many other factors that we are gland to help you explore during a consultation or a Preliminary Remote Discussion. Local anesthesia alone is rarely enough for the complex sculpture most patients need who had gynecomastia surgery complications like you have described. For the fat flaps usually needed, I typically use local with heavy sedation for anesthesia.

New Jersey Gynecomastia Revision for Liposuction Only Failure

Hello Dr. Bermant,

I recently had "gyne" surgery with another Dr. this past November. I have attached some before & after pics so you can get an idea of my case looks like. I am very interested in getting a revision done. The technique used by the other PS was Lipo only, with some of the gland cut out through the same opening (not through the nipple). Needless to say.... I am not very happy. One side is bigger than the other & there's still large glands on both sides as well as still have the "puffy" look to them.

Please reveiw my pictures and let me know your thoughts. I was also curious about pricing. The price listed on the website for gynecomastia surgery is $2800. is this still accurate?

I live in NJ but am willing to make the trip in order to have my gyne corrected "the right way".

Thanks in advance for your help,

Dr. Bermant responds:

Liposuction is a great technique for fat but does not work well for gland. Remote removal of gland makes little sense, the remote scars show more, there are often track injuries between the remote site and the area to be worked on. The areola chest skin junction is a great place to hide scars.

We are glad to review you pictures during our Preliminary Remote Discussion. The cost of revision gynecomastia surgery depends on what needs to be done. Revision surgery is often more difficult than primary surgery. Jane is my office manager and can better discuss costs, fees, and explain the process of how we can help. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.


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