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Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 3 Months After Male Chest Surgery

Dr. Bermant,
It's been a busy summer but I finally am sitting down to write about my experience. First and foremost, I want to thank you and Jane for a life changing experience. I feel like a burden has been lifted that I have carried for 20 years. Secondly, I want to encourage others who may be dealing with this same thing to research your website and follow through with a decision to change their lives through surgery. I am from the southwest and drove out to Virginia because I was convinced that Dr. Bermant was the surgeon/artist I had been looking for many years. His website alone is extensive and I had absolutely no questions when I arrived at his office. He is not just a plastic surgeon; rather, he is a teacher through his website. He is the utmost professional and his technical proficiency and efficiency in dealing with me as a patient reassured me I had not wasted my time in driving so far. After surgery the change in my chest was immediately evident. I had little pain. In fact, I would call it discomfort that was easily dealt with through Tylenol. My wife and I had a two week vacation planned in conjunction with this surgery. We were able to enjoy ourselves all two weeks before returning home. I wore my vest faithfully and the results are remarkable. What I have enjoyed most is wearing a SINGLE T-shirt, SWIMMING with my children, WATER-SKIING, and working in the yard without a shirt on. I can now live without embarrassment and for this I am deeply grateful to Dr. Bermant. Once again, thank you.


Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for sharing your experiences. We are glad that things are working out so well. Please keep us informed about your progress.

The following are a series of threads excerpted with permission of our patient:

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 3 Days After Surgery

I finally had surgery with Dr Bermant last week and initial results are looking great! I had a minor case that he said was a "finesse" operation and I couldn't believe there was almost no pain, swelling or bruising after the surgery. I had a stomach ache the night after surgery from something I must of eaten and it dwarfed the discomfort of surgery. If it wasn't for the small bandages over the incisions you would be hard pressed to even tell I had surgery. When I saw it for the first time I almost didn't think anything had been done from the lack of damage.

Now my chest is really flat. I can't see the nipple area as they are covered but if it stays to the contour that is there now with the bandages it will look amazing

I don't think I would have wanted local only. I would be concerned about flinching or moving while the op is in progress. If I am out with sedation then the surgeon can concentrate on what he needs to do. All in all, sedation was pretty easy. Just a prick in the hand and off you go. Recovery is quite painless and untraumatic as well.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 4 Days After Surgery

It was a long time coming but was worth the wait. I lived in Ontario a while back and could have had the op covered by insurance if I had had it done there. But after thinking about it the money didn't mean nearly as much to me as the result and I definitely think I got an excellent result so far, making it well worth the financial sacrifice. Especially after seeing some posts of Dr x's patients that are going back for a second op. The bandages come off Monday so I will know then what the final result will look like and try and post pics. I can hardly wait!

... it depends on the extent of your problem but I didn't find it that "invasive" at all. I had a cyst removed a few years ago and it was on par with that really, only I was asleep this time. It was way easier than I imagined it to be. I guess we are always thinking the worst when we are dealing with the unknown.

... the reason I went to Dr Bermant was so that revisions wouldn't be an issue. I wanted this done once and done properly without the need for touchups. I figure any touching up that will need to be done at this point I can achieve with diet and weight training.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 7 Days After Surgery

I am really surprised when I hear about having pain* for weeks. I am a week postop and I can sleep on my side and have had almost no pain at all. Just a slight soreness every once in a while that I promptly ignore.

*(from other doctor's patient's posts in gynecomastia forums)

... in my case, my right side was worse than my left (stuck out more and felt as if there was something hard in there), while the left side seemed to protrude less. I remember thinking that if both were like the left I could have lived with it. But when I had surgery, there was almost no gland on the right and a large gland on the left mixed with fat. I was very surprised to say the least. Even (Dr. Bermant) couldn't determine exactly the content after an examination. There can be fat and gland mixed together like mine, so trying to determine what it is by feel I think can be misleading. Until they get in there I don't think there is a way to tell for sure.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 8 Days After Surgery

The vest itself isn't thick at all, but the shoulder straps are a bit thicker. They consist of the thin vest material with velcro attached. If you wear a thick dark shirt I don't think anyone would notice it, but the shoulder straps do protrude if you are wearing a T-shirt. I have been wearing thicker shirts and I am sure no one has noticed, and if they did I would say I pulled a pectoral muscle weightlifting. Not sure if there are other compression garments that are less noticeable but I figure Dr Bermant picked this one for a good reason so I will wear it. I figure I have spent many years hiding my gyne so hiding the vest for 3 weeks isn't too much of a price to pay to never have to hide again.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 11 Days After Surgery

I took the bandages off this morning during a call to Dr. Bermant.

>>> I NOW HAVE A FLAT CHEST!!!! YOO HOO!!!!! <<<

The nipple area looks fine and I can't see the small scars because of the steri-strips. It is looking very normal and natural though...the contour is perfect. It seems as if the nipple area shrunk as well due to the fact that they are not puffy anymore so that's a side benefit. I am at work now, but when I get home I think I will do nothing but look in the mirror all evening at my flat chest

The skin contour follows the pectoral muscle pretty much all over the chest area now. I am totally impressed with Dr Bermant's work so far! Only time will tell what the scars look like but the scar on the right seems to be very small maybe due to the fact that it was mostly fat with a small piece of gland. The left side looks like it has the regular incision although it is hard to tell at this point.

I am only 11 days postop and already my chest has no bruising and no swelling, and now that I have the tape off I can move my arms, sleep on my side etc. Worth every penny I think. What a relief!!!!!!

(Being by yourself after the nurse leaves) Nah it was no big deal. It would have been great to have someone there but I was happy just to keep it to myself. My health issues are no one else's concern. Besides, the experience was so much easier than I had thought that having someone there wasn't necessary. Dr Bermant's techniques have such a small impact that it was about the same as getting a cyst removed.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 12 Days After Surgery

I am definitely very happy about how things have turned out so far. Words can't express the relief!

To answer your question, -, I had to travel almost as far as you would have to, but the minor inconvenience was worth having no hassles and a good result. Staying in Richmond is very cheap and I think the hotel for 5 days, rental car for 5 days and plane ticket came to $1000 so not too bad in the grand scheme of things. You could probably get cheaper if you book in advance.

Dr Bermant requires no follow up and I removed the bandages over the phone. I saw him the next day after surgery as I was there anyway and just asked a bunch of questions.
Hope this helps,

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 17 Days After Surgery

My chest is starting to get back to normal feeling and looking. I went out last night for the first time since surgery 17 days ago and I felt a lot more confident especially meeting the opposite sex because I didn't have that stress of always neurotically thinking that if I liked this one how would hide my chest if we ended up in an intimate relationship. Having that thought in the back of my mind always restricted what I did because I would think "what if she wants to go to the beach or sit on the patio and suntan"?

Now I am free of all that background noise and can do what I want without worrying about it. It feels so liberating like being let out of a mental prison. I wish I had been able to do it years ago.

Building muscle can help with loose skin but there are also surgical ways of doing it as well. I asked Dr Bermant about that during my consultation and he has a way of removing an ellipse of skin so that it there is no extraneous skin that leaves no extra scaring. I think - had this done and his results were fantastic.

I wouldn't want to go through the hassle and expense of surgery only to find that I am a slave to the bench press in order to look normal. As far as I am concerned I wanted to look good getting off the operating table not after months of training. I quit working out 3 weeks before surgery so I haven't been to the gym in 5 weeks but my chest looks so good now that if I decided I never wanted to work out again it would be no problem. However, I am dying to get back to my routine now that I can achieve my potential without having to worry about my chest.

(Gynecomastia and insurance) Definitely get a second or third opinion before opting for surgery and find a surgeon you feel confident about. The benefit of having insurance pay for it is counterbalanced by the fact that you may not get the surgeon you want/need.

Go through (other) forums and check out all the pics and comments by guys who have had surgery with a particular surgeon and you will start to get a feel for how satisfied they are. Seeing comments like "I am 85% happy" and "maybe in a few months it will look good" didn't inspire confidence.

I am only 17 days post op but I can already tell you that surgery was the best thing I could have done. I can already tell that my perspective and self-esteem have changed for the better and being able to look forward to shirtless situations instead of dreading them is a huge change for me. I was sitting out on the my patio without a shirt yesterday (in the shade of course) and the feeling of the warm breeze on my skin made me feel great especially now that my chest looks normal and I don't see those bumps whenever I look down.

So I guess I would have to say that the mental well-being created by this surgery was worth every penny I paid. Just wish I could have done this when I was younger and been able to more fully enjoy this one life we have. But at least I can start now.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 3 Weeks After Surgery

Just thought I would make an update. It's been 3 weeks since my surgery and time to take off the steri-strips. I took them off an hour ago and to my amazement I had to SEARCH for the scars. They are practically undetectable! I would have no problem going shirtless right now!

I was figuring on seeing two red thin lines that would go away with scar care but there is nothing there. I am totally impressed with Dr Bermant's work as at each stage it has surpassed my expectations. I will post a picture as soon as Simon can upload it. I took it a few minutes after removing the strips and the white stuff is the glue that I haven't washed off yet. I got as close as I could with my camera but it doesn't take good close ups and I had to reduce the size. But I think you will see that it is very hard to tell where the scars are.

I hope this gives prospective patients an idea what to expect after surgery for puffy nipples. My case wasn't as severe as some others I've seen but nevertheless the incisions are the same.

I hope wifebeaters are on sale tomorrow cause I'll be buying some for the first time

Personally I don't think I could have gone through with it had I not been totally confident in the surgeon. The thought of suffering with gyne for years, going through with the surgery with all the associated expense and hassle, days off work, 3-4 weeks of healing with the vest on etc, and STILL not being happy would have made me severely depressed. I wanted to be guaranteed that I would be happy, but unfortunately no surgeon can do that.

But I felt going to Dr Bermant was as close as I could come to that. The results have turned out to be way better than I could have hoped for. I had some asymmetry before but now both sides look the same. My nipples are totally flat in a natural way and the scars are basically a nonissue after 3 weeks of healing. I don't know how he does it but Dr Bermant knows how to make the male chest look decidedly male.

When I was finally rolled into surgery, even though I was naturally nervous, the confidence I had in my surgeon made the whole procedure much easier.

I was out today walking around watching the 4th parades and after a couple of hours I realized that not once did I think of my chest, push my shoulders forward or any of the other things that I once always had in the back of my mind. The freedom from the oppression of gynecomastia was the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day! Believe me, since the surgery I have not once regretted spending the time and money to do this. Best money I have ever spent. You will find it a life changing experience if you end up with great results which I think everyone deserves if you have suffered with this strange but debilitating syndrome.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado for Gynecomastia Surgery 1 Month After Surgery

(Swelling after surgery) I think this is very dependent on the severity of the problem. I had almost no swelling ever, and after 1 month post op there is no swelling no bruising and only the littlest bit of tenderness. I went golfing the other day and had no problem whatsoever. Never even thought about my chest for the whole round. I think I will start to workout very soon as well. I am not expecting any problems with swelling from here on in.

If you go see Dr Bermant you won't have any worries about that. In fact he even has pictures on his website demonstrating the fact that the skin tightens due to cold, touch, emotions etc. so he knows what's going on in that department. I think during my entire exam I was nervous so the skin tightened but it didn't make any difference. He is very knowledgeable about this condition so you needn't worry about those issues (although I was too).

I would highly recommend Dr Bermant along with his staff. His dynamic technique is designed to achieve the best results for each individual. His surgery has little negative impact with very little bruising, scarring, swelling or discomfort. If you look at the posts/pics that Dr Bermant's patients have posted you will see that he is definitely one of the best..and cheaper in a lot of cases too. He is a perfectionist, which is reassuring when you are permanently altering your body.

I understand your concern as it took me a looong time to decide which surgeon to go with but all that research paid off.

(Puffy nipples disappearing with skin tightening during chest examination) Ye s...I remember asking him just that question as he was examining me because I thought that his measurements would be wrong due to the fact that my nipples were retracted during the examination. But it didn't make any difference. Bottom line is that Dr Bermant knows way more than you or I about this condition and isn't going to be thrown off by something like that. But if you go to Dr Bermant or any other surgeon for that matter, you should ask those questions. I asked a bunch of dumb questions just because I didn't want to assume anything. Dr Bermant was patient in explaining things and didn't mind the dumb questions, and in fact always asked if I had any other questions before I left.

The night before surgery I had a bit of a panicky moment because I never told Dr Bermant exactly what I wanted the results to look like. I remember thinking what if he makes it look a way that I don't like? My fears were totally unfounded and he did a much better job than I could have imagined. If I *had* told him the results I had wanted and he had done that it probably wouldn't look as good! If you have a good surgeon then you don't have to worry about all these things but your concerns are certainly legitimate.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado - 6 Weeks After Gynecomastia Surgery

I am only 6 weeks post op but already my life has changed for the better and I hope will continue to do so. The difference in confidence is palpable and it seems that the dark cloud that always seemed to be present all summer long has lifted and I can enjoy myself with freedom. I used to hate summers because of all the things I didn't want to do that might expose the gyne, even when I really loved the summertime the most. Now I don't have those strange conflicts anymore and it is so liberating.

I had excision+lipo and am very pleased with the result. When I actually saw the gland material that they removed (there was fat and gland mixed together) I thought there was no way that lipo was going to remove that. But perhaps there are newer lipo techniques that can pull out the fibrous gland material.

With excision the scar is hidden between the areola/chest interface whereas the lipo scars are a couple of inches away from the nipple so they are easily seen.

The fact that a lot of people seem to have been unhappy with just lipo (still puffiness there, lots of swelling etc) makes me glad I had excision+lipo. But my surgeon tailors his techniques to each patient so it may not be a matter of which technique is better but which technique is better for you.

One interesting thing that Dr Bermant mentioned to me during the phone consult was that the pictures on his website are the average results. Not the best, not the worst, but the average. I think I have ended up with above average results but the healing is still in process so I will wait to make a final determination. So if you have surgery with Dr Bermant you should know that there are guys who have better results than what you see there and worse as well.

Travel to Virginia from Colorado - 4 Months After Gynecomastia Surgery

I had surgery about 4 months ago and unless you knew what you were looking for you wouldn't be able to see my scars. I showed a girl friend of mine what was done recently and she said she couldn't even notice them. There is still a little hardness under the skin where the scars are but it is slowly diminishing and they will hopefully be completely gone eventually. So you can't see any trace and you can feel the smallest bit of hardness where the incision was but even then it is hard to discern unless you knew what it was. Considering that my scars are almost invisible at 4 months I would say that the trade-off was very acceptable. I had surgery with Dr Bermant so YMMV.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your kind words and permitting us to share them in this forum.

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