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Cosmetic Surgery after gastric bypass and bariatric surgery weight loss. Surgical Craftsmanship Body contouring plastic surgery for extra skin after lsoing weight Your Special Needs Plastic surgery for those who lose weight and have loose skin. Individualized Education Cosmetic surgery to tighten and lift loose skin after losing weight Tender Care Bermant Plastic Surgery to tighten extra skin and lift drooping after weight loss Personalized Service After gastic bypass bariatric surgery - body contouring, tuck and lift for loose skin and drooping tissues. Become Comfortable Body contouring plastic surgery to tighten extra skin after losing weight

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Subj: Re: Question about Reconstructive Surgery

Hi, my name is B, I'm 21 Years Old, In the last year I have lost over 150+LBS, I have a lot of extra skin now which makes it hard for me to see the large changes in my body that I worked so hard for. What type of reconstructive surgery would I need to look into for fixing my "skin problem"? Would the costs be really high or will my INS. company pay for some or all of the costs? (Blue Pref.) I have extra skin just about everywhere on my body, upper arms, thighs, stomach, hands, .... everywhere. It's just plan SICK! Please, any information you could give me would be a great deal of help, Thanks Much!


Dr. Bermant responds:

Extra skin can be redraped about the body with several operations.

Abdominoplasty addresses the redundant tissues about the lower torso. Breast reduction or resuspending breasts with mastopexy deals with that tissue. These can be sometimes covered by health insurance, it depends on your plan and the degree of you problem.

Arm and leg reductions can reduce extra skin in these regions. Redundant tissue about the face and neck are handled by a facelift. I have never had an insurance company cover these regions as the operations are mainly for appearance.

Coverage however depends on your plan. Costs for the surgery depends on what operations you need, how extensive the problems are among other factors.

You really need an evaluation by a competent board certified surgeon to better understand the options. If you are a candidate for surgery, the various problems may need to be handles over several operations.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: hollow cheeks due to weight loss

I am a 43 year old woman from Florida who fortunately chose NOT to tan..and I look young for my age. I had 2 pregnancies with a 50lb wt gain each..and lost the weight with no problems. This was in 80 and 84. Due to some personal stresses I began to lose weight steadily. I am 5'8" tall and by 1993 I weighed a dangerous 103 lbs. I worked on stress management, joined a gym, and through a concerted effort have brought my weight up to a steady 130 lbs. My weight is evenly distributed except for my face. I still retain some of the hollowness (partly a family trait) and nothing I've tried helps. It's very noticeable. Would some type of implant help?



Dr. Bermant responds:

Hollow cheeks can be from

  • a gravity effect of drooping of the skin
  • less fat
  • less muscle

Correction depends on the underlying problem. Keeping the face looking natural, even in animation, is the issue. Each patient needs to be analyzed, examined and evaluated before any recommendations.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737. My staff and I try to ensure the comfort of our out of town guests during their consultations and procedures.

Michael Bermant, MD

Thank you for this very informative website.

I am planning augmentation on my breasts and stomach. So my questions focus on these procedures. I have had two (bikini) c-sections and a third surgery to remove a cyst and my left ovary. I have also gained a tremendous amount of weight over the past 5 years (100 pounds) but I am currently reducingthrough diet and excercise. My questions are as follows: At what point in my weight loss should I consult a plastic surgeon? Secondly, in extreme cases where augmentation to the stomach is done to remove the excess skin from morbidly obese patients, where are the incision lines located? Lastly, after breast augmentation, is there a complete loss in the sensitivity of the nipples and normal stimulation?

Your responses are appreciated and again, thank you for the information.

Dr. Bermant responds:
This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Augmentation means to add or build up. Breast augmentation is usually for increasing the size of the breasts - not usually the problem with large weight reduction patients. Correction of sagging breasts, or massive weighing breasts are the normal issues for such patients. I have never heard of abdominal augmentation. For weight reduction patients, there usually is a large apron of extra tissues draping over the groin. Such deformity is called a pannus and is surgically altered during a panniculectomy, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.

The best way to learn what plastic surgery has to offer is an in office consultation. I prefer to see my patients early in the process to help with education and understanding. Such patients may not be offered surgery until their 3 dimensional problems approach something that I feel that my surgical sculpting has options to improve.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737. My staff and I try to ensure the comfort of our out of town guests during their consultations and procedures.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Question wt red

Thank you for your response. You have educated me today! I now know what
to call the
"thing" hanging infront of my groin. :-)

Best to you Dr.

Subj: Re: skin folds

I lost 150 pounds, by myself. I have a lot of extra skin, back problems, and also problems sitting and standing for long periods of time. Dr.'s that I have seen say my problems are not caused by the excess skin. I need a Dr.'s documentation that this surgery is "medically nessary" before my insurance will pay for me to have the skin removed. Can you help me?

Thank You


Dr. Bermant responds:

Excess skin after weight loss can be a problem. The folds of flesh can cause skin irritation and make hygiene difficult. Sometimes there is enough mass to put a strain on the body. We do such surgery. Having your condition evaluated by someone who treats such redundancies is the best way to find out if a letter of medical necessity would be appropriate. A doctor who has never seen you cannot write such a letter. We only help with these letters on those patients we are going to operate on.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737. My staff and I try to ensure the comfort of our out of town guests during their consultations and procedures.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Abdomenoplasty

My friend is in the process of losing an extreme amount of weight, from 300 to 175 lbs. She would like information on getting rid of excess abdominal skin and underarm sagging. Would you please send information to:

R in
Richmond, VA

Thank you in advance for your time and information.

Dr. Bermant responds:

The information you ask about is not something to be mailed out in a letter or E-mail, but explored during an in office consultation. Our website is only an introduction to the various surgery options after massive weight reductions. During a consultation our patients can learn about the risks, benefits, and alternate methods of care. Massive weight loss can leave many different extra skin problems. Each has its own surgical options and a discussion is better directed towards a specific patient's problems. The office consultation is sometimes covered by insurance.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737. My staff and I try to ensure the comfort of our out of town guests during their consultations and procedures.

Michael Bermant, MD

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Hi, im a 16 year old female (almost 17). Since i was 5 i have been over weight, but this past year i dropped from 170 to 125 by exercising and dieting (my height is 5'6'') . Although i got the weight off, i still do not get the satisfaction i wanted because i have loose skin on my thighs, stomach, and arms as well as dropping from a C cup to barely an A (including the major drooping from the stretch marks on my breast) . It was very disheartening for me to lose all that weight and hope to be able to feel good about myself for once in my life but in reality it could not be possible since my skin was very stretched out from an early age. I was wondering what your views on this was and if it is right for me. If necessary, i can send you some pictures of before and after but i would really like to hear from someone. I also would like an estimate on the price range.

Sincerely, B

Dr. Bermant responds:

Congratulations on your weight loss! Loose skin contracts only so far after major weight loss.

At your age, this is something you need to discuss with your parents. If they agree, we are glad to help all of you explore your concerns during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion. Cost of surgery depends on what needs to be done. Jane is my office manager. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD
Ironbridge Medical Park
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