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This is the page where you can review questions and stories from patients, view the opinions of lay persons, and see answers from Dr. Bermant and other physicians. Do you want to ask a question, post an answer, or make a comment? Information E-mailed to me will be considered for posting.

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  • How did others react to your surgery?
  • Did you learn any lessons?
  • What would you advise others?
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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

It has now been several months since my surgery. Am I pleased? Yes, Ecstatic! It was everything I hoped for and more. My husband and I were talking the other night, and I told him "You know, I have not heard from one friend or family member that said I look tired or sick, since the surgery." And he responded "You know, you're right. "Enough said. I waited two years before deciding to have this surgery, and its the most morale boosting thing that I have ever done. I owe all of this to Dr. Bermant and his wonderful, caring staff. It is not your conventional doctor's office. You are catered to, and offered assistance at all times. So if you decide, you will be in the Best Hands possible. I always have a smile on my face now.........K

Dr. Bermant Comments:


I did have my eyes done. They told me that after a week I would be presentable. Well, I wasn't presentable for almost a month. Everyone heals at a different rate. Apparently, I was much slower. I'm still glad I had it done , but the healing process was traumatic.

Dr. Bermant Comments:

Healing of eyelid surgery is individualistic. Each person heals at their own rate. Eyelid surgery can result in significant bruising in some patients. This is minimized by meticulous control of bleeding during surgery. Even with total control of bleeding, some bruising does happen. Your body dissolves the blood and as the hemoglobin dissolves, the various colors develop. The quantity of blood staining tissue and your healing rate will determine the length of bruising. Once the suture line has gained enough strength, you may camouflage the bruising. We teach those of our patients interested.


I have consulted with four board certified plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area (two in Torrance and two in the West Los Angeles area of So. CA. I have scheduled another consultation with Dr. x in Torrance because I saw him over a year ago. If everything goes well I will probably have the procedure performed in January or February. Dr. x did a friend's eyelids and they look great - and very natural. He charges 3200.00 for upper and lower lids. I also attended a seminar by Dr. y (Santa Monica) - he did the Jacksons and a number of other celebrities, however he charges $450.00 for a consultation and 7,000.00 for upper and lower lids. 3 out of 4 doctors recommended that my lower lids be cut from the outside just under the lashes because I have excess skin to remove. There is a procedure in which the incision is made inside the lower lid but is only recommended if you only have fat to remove.


I had the surgery done about a year ago and I am very delighted with the results. I do not have to wear nearly as much make-up to rid the "tired" look. If you do it, do uppers and lowers to get the nicest balanced results. It is not very painful, but it is frightening to see yourself afterwards. I looked horrible for much longer than they told me. Everyone heals at different rates. I was not publicly presentable, even with camouflage make-up on for about 3 weeks!! It was a slow process but worth it if you can take the time away from the public eye. The other thing that frightened me was that I was actually partially blind for a few days due to the swelling...almost completely swollen shut...and the goopy eye ointment. But, I am happy with the long term results. I don't feel that my physician forewarned me of the little horrors that would arise along the way...all very "normal"...I found out later.

Dr. Bermant comments:

Eyelid swelling is common after surgery. Lid tissue easily swells with minimal trauma. The trick is to minimize trauma, keep you head elevated after surgery, and when appropriate use cool packs. My patients have never complained about the swelling since we had discussed this common problem before surgery. Patient education can minimize fear. (Good surgical technique also minimizes swelling.)


I had an eyelift performed here in the Seattle area by a female plastic surgeon. The results over the past few years have been excellent. Recovery time depends on the person. You must totally trust your physician, his/her demeanor with you, and his/her aesthetic sense as well as surgical skill. Without all of these, you could risk permanent nerve damage or a "botched" job which leaves you looking unreal.

Subj: Eyelid Surgery Question

I had eyelid surgery over 6-months ago, both lids--upper & lower. I've noticed that the cornea of my eyes doesn't touch edge of my lower lid. Can this be corrected? Is it desirable? Any Plastic Surgeons or knowledgeable people out there? If so, I'd appreciate a response.


Dr. Bermant comments:

Pulling of the lower lid away from the cornea is called ECTROPION. This condition disturbs the protection of the eye and can be dangerous. The globe can dry too much and be damaged. Protection with ointments and artificial tears may be necessary in some cases. Minimal ectropion can be the result of good surgery and usually resolves over several weeks to months. Excision of too much skin or excessive muscle damage will not correct on their own. Corrective surgery is usually needed in these cases. There is also a form of senile ectropion where the lid droops away form the eye as the support structures become lax with age. Sometimes protection with artificial tears is enough. Other times corrective surgery is necessary.

Subj: Blepharoplasty

Hi, Dr. Bermant!

I am an Amerasian college student. I have slightly "puffy eyes" due tothe excess fatty tissue underneath my eyelids; thus, I would like toknow if it is possible to merely suck the fat from underneath theeyelids. I have the "double eyelids," but I want to get my eyes done tohave deeper set eyes. In addition, how much does this cost?

Dr. Bermant responds:

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

"Extra" fat around the eyes is rarely treated with liposuction. The eyelid skin is just too thin and the surrounding structures too delicate for the suction process. Bulging fat here is generally treated by surgery called a blepharoplasty. An incision is made either0in the skin just under the eyelashes or in the mucosa behind the lid. The pockets of fat are exposed and the fat trimmed for better contour.

The "double lid" or Mandarin eyelid is an attractive look which many Chinese seek. This is for the upper eyelid and can occur naturally or be the result of surgical alteration. I spent several months in mainland China and participated in many such operations. I am assuming your "extra fat" is referring to the lower eyelids.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons can be reached by calling 1-800 635-0635. They will send some preliminary information and a list of board certified surgeons in your region. Surgery prices vary by what type operation is performed, location of the surgeon, and practice to practice. You should ask this question to the doctor you are planning to use.

We do see patients from out of state. If you have further questions, please let us know. We can be reached at 804 748-7737.

I hope this information has been of use.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: eyelid surgery

I am a 45 year old woman with dark skin, my mother is English & my father is Brazilian. my complication is akin to that of Diania Ross in colour and I thick texture. I have visited a few surgeons and some say no problem while others say not possible. when I cut or hurt my self I do develop a darkish mark which tends to fade after a while. I find it difficult to believe that none of the famous darker people have had no surgery????

help me

ps have you anyone you can recommend in Sydney?

Dr. Bermant responds:

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Yes black people have cosmetic surgery. Darker skin does run the risk of hyperpigmentation (darker color) during scaring. For some the effect is transitory. For others the effect is permanent. Hypertrophic scars (thicker) are also sometimes the result of surgery. Your own healing patterns are an indication on how such surgery may heal.

Different parts of the body scar differently. Chest between breasts is one of the worst areas for scarring. The eyelids are an area that tend to scar to a lesser degree.

My female patients hide their scars and color changes with makeup.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737. We cater to our patients who travel long distances to see us, but you would be traveling quite a way.

You should be able to find about local plastic surgeons by checking the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Good luck.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re:Cosmetic surgery


Subj: Re:Cosmetic surgery

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Dark circles under the eyes can be from several factors. The most common is that the skin thins with age. This lets the darker space behind the lids be more obvious. Pigmented skin is another possible problem. You need an evaluation by a competent physician to determine the problem.

Choices include camouflage makeup. This is a reasonable option for women but can also be used for men with good training. Not all makeup conceals as well. My patients are shown both techniques and brands that work.

Surgical options include laser, peels and blepharoplasty. Some examples can be seen on other parts of this website, see below.:

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: Eyes

Dr. Bermant,

First, a little about me. I am of Indian heritage and although somewhat a trait of my people, I have dark circles around the eyes. It makes me look tired all the time. Can this be fixed through treatments such as chemical peel or laser? Do you recommend or know of any over the counter treatments that I might want to try first (such as Sudden Change Under Eye)? Please advise. Thank you.

Dr. Bermant responds:

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Dark circles about the eyes is a common complaint. The skin thins in this region during aging. The dark contents about the globe tends to show through more with skin that is less opaque. Sometimes the skin itself darkens for a variety of reasons.

Camouflage makeup can make this region more opaque and cover darkened skin. Poorly applied makeup can look worse than the original problem. Learning how to use the makeup takes time, patience, and education. Different illumination can change the effect.

Other options are available but you need an evaluation by someone competent. Without a thorough history and examination, any recommendations are of little value.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737. My staff and I try to ensure the comfort of our out of town guests during their consultations and procedures.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: lower lid surgery

I am considering having my lower eyelids done. I am 42 and have a hereditary puffiness. 6 years ago I had a biopsy done and my surgeon said that the way I scarred might prevent me from having any cosmetic surgery in the future. Is this a procedure where this would be a significant consideration? Also, what is the average recovery period for the lower lids only. After reading the mail here, it looks like I'd have to take a month off from work! Thanks for your help.

Dr. Bermant responds:
This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Some people have bad scarring. The body scars to different degrees however in different locations. The region between the breasts is particularly bad for scarring. The eyelid skin is one of the better sites.

Eyelid surgery sometimes needs to be done from the region just below the eyelashes. Sometimes the scar can be hidden inside the eyelid, this depends on the problem.

Recovery for lower lid surgery depends on the extent of the lower lid surgery (there are many types of operations I perform on the lower eyelid.) Recovery also depends on the patient's healing abilities, the amount of bleeding, and how the patient handles bruising. For some, they are back to work the next day, others take 2 weeks off in seclusion. Others want even more of the surgical swelling to resolve and hide for a month or more (this is rather extreme). Usually some camouflage makeup can cover some bruising within 2 weeks of surgery.

Your reaction to scarring is best evaluated by your own physician. I am at a distinct disadvantage without such an evaluation.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737. My staff and I try to ensure the comfort of our out of town guests during their consultations and procedures.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: One Eyed and Worried

Dear Dr. Bermant:

One week ago, I had surgery on my eyelids, a brow lift and a laser resurfacing of my face. I understand that the swelling will go down in time and am not worried about the "cosmetic" disadvantages, just as long as the eyes will look right sometime soon.

I am worried about my right eye. I look a little cross-eyed and my lid is seriously drooping. I have great difficulty turning my eye upward; it almost feels constricted. I have perfect movement from side to side. Is this merely an issue of healing or am I having problems with the muscle or nerve? The left eye is a totally different story - it looks like it's clearly on the mend. The right eye seems to swell overnight and I awaken looking like a prize fighter!

I am visiting with my surgeon today but thought you may be able to shed some additional light.

Thanks, ...

Dr. Bermant responds:

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Your best source of information in a situation like this is your surgeon: someone who has examined you, operated on you, and can evaluate the results. Turning the eye upward is done by the rectus muscle (and another muscle). Just over this muscle is the levator muscle which elevates the eyelid. These muscles can be swollen or irritated from surgery but recover rapidly unless injured. Swollen eyelids do not move well. Injury and surgery do cause eyelid swelling. Swelling can be lessened by elevation and cool compresses in many cases - check with your physician if these will help in your case. As your doctor to explain what you have asked me. They are good questions.

I hope this information proves of some use. If my office can be of further assistance, please let us know. We can be reached at: (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Subj: Re: One Eyed and Worried

Dear Dr. Bermant:

Thanks so much for your response. I was able to meet with my surgeon who was absolutely pleased with my results in terms of healing. With a minor amount of massage, the muscle relaxed and my eye is open! Now, there is them attar of the yellow eye shadow, complimented by the purple eyeliner....but it will pass.

Thanks again for your help.

Dr. Bermant responds:

glad all is going well

Michael Bermant, MD

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