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This is the page where you can review questions and stories from patients, view the opinions of lay persons, and see answers from Dr. Bermant and other physicians. Do you want to ask a question, post an answer, or make a comment? Information E-mailed to me will be considered for posting.

  • Why did you choose to have the surgery?
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  • Was the final cost the same as what you were told before the surgery?
  • How was the recovery?
  • Were there any complications? How were they resolved?
  • How do you feel about the results?
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  • How did others react to your surgery?
  • Did you learn any lessons?
  • What would you advise others?

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Otoplasty Cosmetic Ear Surgery

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Re: Living with Ears That Stick Out:

Hello Dr. Bermant my names J and I am very concious of my ears. Im told that their not that big which to be honest they are not and I am sure that their are people out their with worse, but the do stick out and make me look like a monkey (i think), and i have overheard people say this too which is a strange feelin, also on more that one occasion i have been called a monkey by a 6 yr old down local parks lol which is not good as I just get this random feeling that ill always struggle to be taken seriously or make a success because I am uncomfortable about them. It sounds so vain and stupid I know but thats just how I feel.

do many patcients feel like that?

also I act rather clownish around people. I suppose its so people find me funny and dont take the mick. :-)

another option is its just me being stupid.

anyway back tot he ears,

I would say my ears are of a random shape in that they are normallish at the top but instead of curving round like a ear they just go straight down from a curve at the top and then from come back a cross in a straight line tot hte head (if that makes any sence to you?) This makes my ear lobes look absolutley massive and heavy causeing the ear to droop down.

I feel that I have become rather paranoid about them it which is actually quite scarry, I am certain that they sag down due to the weight of the earlobe, do you think thats possible

Ive included a diagrame that I did in paint its not very good at all but I thought I would do it for you to try and show you what it is i am going on aobout :-) (in the diagrame ive only done the left ear the right is bassically the same it just sit higher up the head which is a little random.

another bit of information I thoght I would tell you is that as a youngster I used to for some very strange reason like the feeling of my ear unsticking. You see I use to fold my ear with my hand flat against the side of my head and then lay my head down on the pillow if I stayed in this postion for long enough my ear would stick together and then slowly unstick (sometimes i would fall asleep in this position and not wake up till the morning, im thinking that this rather odd behaviour lol may have something to do with my iIthink weird shaped sticking out ears.

also I am from england so was wondering if I would even be concidered to have a ear operation done by you?

well thats all, i hope you can make sence of this email and hopefully you
will reply



Dr. Bermant responds:

Many patients tell me about the stress of living with big ears or ears that stick out. Changing the shape of the ears by flattening them out while sleeping probably would not help. Your options depend on the deformity. We see many patients from around the world who prefer my sculpture skills. Our patients who travel from the UK typically start with our Preliminary Remote Discussion to minimize travel to Virginia.

Hope this helps.

Michael Bermant, MD

Re: Medical term for "jug ears":

Dear Dr. Bermant,
Perhaps as an expert on otoplasty, you can settle a debate currently raging in our anatomy department:

While large ears are undoubtedly described by the term "macrotia", is there a medical term for one with ears that stick out excessively (i.e. jug ears) or does macrotia cover this condition, also? Thanks for your insight. I got 20 of the new Euros riding on this one...

Department of Anatomy and Physiology
University College Dublin
Republic of Ireland

Dr. Bermant responds:

Protruding ears are a family of problems that, to my knowledge, have no one common medical term. There are many possible deformities that may result in ears that project excessively from the head. Some of these are cup ear deformity, telephone ear deformity, "reverse" telephone ear deformity, Stahl ear deformity, cryptotia, deeply cupped concha, among others. Macrotia is reserved for large ears, but these may also protrude. Common non medical terms include "bat wing ears," "dumbo ears," "Mickey Mouse ears," "donkey ears," "sail ears," protruding ears, projecting ears to name a few.

You can find some of these problems on my many pages about otoplasty surgery.

Hope this helps. Let me know who won the bet.

Michael Bermant, MD

Ear Pinning Surgery Questions

I have some questions concerning the ear pinning procedure. First I am wondering if you have an associate in Wisconsin. Second, my son is five and will be attending kindergarten this fall, is that enough time to have the surgery done? Lastly, he has had a lot of ear problem (tubes x3, had his adnoids removed) he has an operation scheduled to have his tonsills removed, would ins. cover most of the cost if it was a tonsill surgery at the same time and is this possible?

Thank you for any information.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Sorry, we are not a referral service. We do see patients from around the world here in Virginia. Depending on his evaluation, the age of 5 may be reasonable for his surgery. I prefer to evaluate each patient before surgery. We do see patients from around the world and try to plan a package ahead to minimize possible disappointments. Preliminary evaluations include information about the problem, medical information, and photographs. Although this is a nice place to start, the in office consultation is best for examining the ears and the patient.

This is an operation that I will not do at the same time as tonsillectomy - not a good combination for the patient. Hope this information helps.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Ear Pinning Surgery Questions


I was interested to know a ball park cost figure for minor (1/2 cm)ear pinning (no reconstruction). Is it 300$US or more like 3000$US?? Please let me know.

Dr. Bermant responds:

There are many types of ear deformities and surgical options depending on the problem. Options for correction depend on the deformity and what else may be wrong. Cost of surgery depends on what needs to be done. A starting point for otoplasty prices can be found here.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Ears Pinned - Surgery Costs

My name is - I am 21 years old. I am interested in having my ears pinned, they do not stick out real far but I feel funny when I wear my hair up. What is the average cost for this type of procedure and what does it involve?

Thank you,

Dr. Bermant responds:

I have an extensive introduction to otoplasty on the website. Each ear problem is different and you would need an evaluation to determine what options may work best. This we help our patients explore during their consultations.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Surgery to Make Ears Bigger

Please can you tell me whether a surgical technique exists to INCREASE the size of the whole ear. I have small ears and would be willing to pay handsomely any surgeon who can significantly (>+50%) increase the size of my ears.

I await your response,

Kind Regards


Dr. Bermant responds:

It depends on the problem. There are many types of ear reconstruction for missing ear, cancer, and trauma. For true microtia, the problem needs to be examined during an in office examination. Once I better understand the problem, then I can discuss what plastic surgery may have to offer.

I am sorry, you are asking for the information best discussed by a doctor who has examined the problem. The Internet is a nice educational avenue but does not replace a consultation in a doctor's office. The education process of risks, benefits, prognosis, and alternate methods of care are discussed after an examination and evaluation.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Travel from the UK and Ear Surgery

Unfortunately I am resident in the UK, so a meeting between us is a little tricky.

I do not have malformed ears, there are perfectly fine in structure etc. just on the small size. The are identical (as far as I can see) but only measure 56mm (tip to lobe).

I hear (no pun intended) about size reductions and pinning of big ears all the time but have never heard of an operation to increase the size of the ear.

Does a surgical technique actually exist to increase the size of the ear (upper part), perhaps with a prosthetic?

Dr. Bermant responds:

Surgery to increase the size of the ears can be difficult and complex. This is something that needs to be evaluated for me to comment further. You may want to consider a remote preliminary evaluation package which involves sending us completed forms, photographs, and details of your problem. After better understanding your ears, I could comment further during a telephone call. There is a charge for such a discussion of your options.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Recovery After Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Dear Dr.

I have few questions about ear surgery. My ears don't stick out that much but they are bigger then average so i would like to know how long does the operation take, how long will it take me to recover from the operation, will i be able to drive back to eastern NC after the operation and how much would this operation cost, and also is it passible to get financial support.... Could you please help with some information to those questions.

Thank you

Dr. Bermant responds:

Large ears are not very common. They can be reduced with various techniques depending what specifically is big. I need to examine the problem to offer advice. I have an introduction to ear reduction surgery on this website. Length of surgery varies the problem and surgery needed for sculpture. It is best to stay in Richmond until the formal ear dressing is removed (2-4 days) and preferably until the sutures are removed (about a week.) Some leave after the ear dressing comes off and return to us for their suture removal. We have special rates for our patients in several Richmond hotels.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Earlobe Reduction Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Dear Dr,

After looking at your site on the net i was impressed, but i'm not sure if you could help me.

you see, my ears are fine except my earlobes are quite big and are unattached from my head. this didn't really bother me all that much when i was growing up as i wasn't ridiculed, but as I get older i realise this imperfection which i believe has the potential to affect my self confidence and disadvantage me.

Is there a procedure in which you could reduce the size of the earlobe and attach it to the side of the head?

i am also currently pursuing an acting career and i feel i would be disadvantaged if i didn't sort this out.

i would really appreciate a reply or some information on my query.


Dr. Bermant responds:

It is possible to reduce earlobes, attach them to the face and change their configuration. I would have to better understand your problem and concern to comment further. We discuss risks, benefits, and alternate methods of care during your consultation.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Avoiding Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Hi there, I wish to apart from the surgery, can anything else be done non surgical ie glue the ear back using medical adhesive or tapes.
Many thanks

Dr. Bermant responds:

Sorry, I have not found such techniques of value once the ear hardens a few days after birth. I have not found any such methods in the literature. Surgery is a very reasonable option for those wanting to change their ears. Take some time and explore this site. If you have more questions, call to set up a consultation and evaluation.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Surgery to Lower the Ear

Re: lowering of the ear????????

this has been bothering me for a long time and i havent found any information on the lowering of the ear. As i have noticed the concha of almost all ears begin in between the nose mostly halfway or slightly lower, and the top of the ear usually begins in between the eyebrow and eye, or a slightly below the eye. My problem is that, my concha begins slightly below my eye (on both ears), which is towards the top of the nose. I was wondering if there is any procedure available to correct this, to lower the position of my ear by around an 1 inch to 1 1/2.

Dr. Bermant responds:

In general the ears need to remain connected to the ear canals for hearing and so must remain where they are. I am sorry, you are asking for the information best discussed by a doctor who has examined the problem. Perhaps there may be an option to explore after I better understand your concerns.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Otoplasty Ear Surgery for Big Protruding Ears

Hello I am a 19 year old male and i have large protruding ears. I do not grow my hair long so my ears stick right out. I think this is unattractive. I would definatly want to make my ears smaller and a little closer to my head. I understand that their will be a cut behinde both ears. I wanted to know what the best way would be to make that scar unoticable. I live in canada British columbia. I have sen many before and after pictures of many doctors and some of the pictures you can tell that the person's ears were pinned to their head. I definatly do not want to have that look. Is what i am asking for possible and approximatly how much woould it cost???

Dr. Bermant responds:

There are many types of ear deformities and surgical options depending on the problem. Options for correction depend on the deformity and what else may be wrong. Cost of surgery depends on what needs to be done and is best determined once we better understand your specific problem. A starting point for otoplasty prices can be found here.

Scars behind the ear are important in ear sculpture. That is why I have placed a number of photographs from behind on this website. I try to minimize these scars on my patients with an attention to detail.

Since you would be traveling a significant distance to Richmond, I would recommend starting with a remote preliminary evaluation package.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Surgery to Make Ears Even

I was wondering if it is surgically possible to move one ear entirely up by a 1/4 an inch to be more inline with the other. I have noticed and so have others that my one ear although basically the same as the other seems to definitely be a little lower than the other. It does bother me although it is not really obvious to most. Is there a procedure to correct this.

Thanks for any advice. M

Dr. Bermant responds:

Ear position asymmetry, one ear located in a different position than the other, is very common. The external ears need to conduct sound to the ear canals -- structures that bring sound to the inner ears located in the skull. Movement of the external ear and inner ear components is just not a reasonable option. Changing other aspects of the external ear are possible. We can change how much it projects, folds, and even size. You can browse the many pages on my website about otoplasty surgery. However, the best way to find if there are realistic surgical options is during an in office consultation after an evaluation. We do have a preliminary remote package where images and concerns can be explored during a telephone conversation. There is a fee for this service. Hope this helps.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

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