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Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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This is the page where you can review questions and stories from patients, view the opinions of lay persons, and see answers from Dr. Bermant and other physicians. Do you want to ask a question, post an answer, or make a comment? Information E-mailed to me will be considered for posting.

  • Why did you choose to have the surgery?
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  • How much did it cost?
  • Was the final cost the same as what you were told before the surgery?
  • How was the recovery?
  • Were there any complications? How were they resolved?
  • How do you feel about the results?
  • Did it have any effect on your life
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  • How did others react to your surgery?
  • Did you learn any lessons?
  • What would you advise others?

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Otoplasty Reduction Surgery for Macrotia or Big Ears

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4 Years After Scaphoid Ear Macrotia Ear Reduction Otoplasty - Travel from Michigan

I'm so sorry to hear that you're retiring this month. I will always be grateful for the change that you made in my life and I will never forget you or my experience. I hope retirement will be as fullfilling as your career was. Best wishes and take care.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your kind words and your trust in my skills. It was my privilege to take care of you.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Macrotia Ear Reduction Otoplasty Question

I recently had the chance to visit your web site regarding otoplasty. I must say that I was very impressed with the outcome of many of the procedures. But I have a few questions. First, is macrotia surgery much more difficult of a surgery than ordinary pinning back of the ears? Also, what would be approximately the increased cost to perform such a surgery over an ordinary ear surgery? I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your kind words about my otoplasty ear sculpture.

Large ears are not very common. They can be reduced with various techniques depending what part(s) is/are specifically big. Some reduction sculpture is much more complex than others. Many times elements of ear pinback surgery are needed as part of the ear reduction operation. A basic introduction can be found on my pages about macrotia - big ear reduction. Price depends on the surgery needed. After better understanding your problem, I can be more specific about prices.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Large Ear Reduction Otoplasty Questions

Dr. Bermant-
I just reviewed your site on otoplasty. I found it very informative and detailed. I am very interested in having the procedure done. My situation is cosmetic, i.e. large ears that at the least would need pinning back; at best, pinning back and some reshaping at the top. That's just my layperson's view of things.

Can you tell me something about the anesthetic. Is it a local injection; any intravenous sedative?

How much time between the operation and removal of stitches? Do stitches need to be removed or do they dissolve?

Is it always a full head bandage? Is there anything less conspicuous, especially if one has to go back to work? How long must the bandage remain? Is there a secondary bandage as healing progresses?

Do you have any computer imaging that can provide a before and after view, prior to the operation? How many office visits are necessary, from consultation to final visit?

Can you give me a rough estimate of cost? I know this is difficult without examining me; but just a ballpark figure would help. I am 53 and in perfect health.
Thanks for any info you can provide.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your kind words about my otoplasty ear sculpture.

For adult ear reduction most of my patients prefer local anesthesia with IV sedation. This operation can take some time and the sedation makes it much more comfortable.

Each ear sculpture is different and I design a specific after surgery program for each patient. In general sutures are permanent inside sculpting the ear. External sutures can be dissolvable or may need to be removed by me about a week after surgery. I prefer to choose during the surgery depending how the tissue evolves as I am doing the operation.

We offer computer imaging as part of the educational process in our office. The number of times I see a patient before surgery depends on the complexity of the problem, analysis necessary, and the time it takes to achieve a comfort level of the patient about the otoplasty plan. There is only so much knowledge a patient can easily absorb during a single consultation. Our remote package can be a great help.

Major ear surgery requires adequate initial protection. Most delicate repairs need an initial full protective dressing. This dressing may be removed by me in a few days or changed to a new dressing depending on many factors. That is why I recommend a brief stay in Richmond until the formal ear dressing can be safely removed.

Price depends on the surgery needed. After better understanding your problem, I can be more specific about prices.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Macrotia Ear Reduction After Otoplasty Question

hello from california,

i had an otoplasty performed on me when i was 6 and now still do not like the length of my ear. i do not need an otoplasty just was curious if there is a surgury that can shorten the actual length of my ear some how. I feel uncomfortable with them and would like to know if there is something that can be done?? please respond back to me. Thanks

Dr. Bermant responds:

An enlarged ear can be from a single distorted element or from a variable contribution from many elements. It depends on your specific problem. That is best determined during an examination. Large ears themselves are not very common. I have an introduction to large ears (macrotia) and reduction otoplasty.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

UK Macrotia Ear Reduction Otoplasty Questions

Hello, I was very impressed by your website and found it very informative and helpful. The procedure that interested me is the Reduction Otoplasty for big or Macrotia ears. Firstly I would like to know what the basic price is for this surgery (both ears). Your website price for ear protusion surgery, is this the same price you would charge for the Macrotia reduction operation? Secondly I would like to know if you have a policy on foreign patients. I live in the UK and unfornunately I cannot find a British surgeon that will undertake this procedure. For example does Dr. Bermant need consultations before any operations take place? Could you also tell me what the average waiting list is for this kind of surgery, if there is one at all. I would really appreciate any assistance you could offer me on the above queries.
Thank you.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Large ear reduction surgery can often be more complex than standard otoplasty and can range ranges our average otoplasty price to something more expensive depending on what needs to be done. We can be more specific about large ear reduction after we understand the deformity. Learn more about the cost of macrotia ear reduction here. Call our office for details.

We do see patients from around the world and try to plan a preliminary package ahead to minimize possible disappointments. Preliminary evaluations include information about your problem and medical information, and photographs followed by a telephone discussion. There is a fee for this process. After the preliminary discussion you would still need an in office consultation before surgery. We can in some cases reserve a tentative operative date for your same visit to Virginia.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Nebraska Macrotia Ear Reduction Otoplasty Question

Dear Doctor Bermant,

I am a 35 year old male who has a couple more questions regarding the macrotia ear reduction surgery. I have had longer hair all of my life to cover up my big ears. I was never teased as a child as was the 41 year old in your surgery photos but now that I am in the business world I would love to have shorter hair. I am the only one in my company of a 1,000 that does not have my hair cut around my ears. My first question is-your fee for a regular otoplasty surgery is explained here which I assume is for a standard ear pinning surgery. How much would a surgery similar to the 41 year old in your example be? Secondly, I am in Nebraska and with limited vacation time, is 1 week in Virginia a possibility for going through the process. Do you ever do a consultation on Monday and then the surgery on where if I came to town on a Sunday I would be able to go home the following Saturday? Would I still need to come back at a later date anyway for the scar care treatment? I always think my insecurities with my ears will get better with age but they do not so I am finally looking into doing something about them. Please Advise!!

Thank you for your time,
- in Lincoln, Nebraska

Dr. Bermant responds:

Depending on the deformity, we have done patients who have started with the remote package, then come to Richmond the day before surgery for their consultation. Have their surgery and leave about one week (i.e. Friday consult, Saturday OR, office Monday and Friday and then home). It really depends on the problem which is why we prefer to start with the additional information of the remote package.

Large ears are not very common. They can be reduced with various techniques depending what specifically is big. I need to examine the problem to offer advice. You can see on our web pages typical dimensions for the ear.

Helping us with the total ear length from top of ear to bottom of earlobe can be an important starting measurement for those who feel they have large ear problems.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Talking to Parents About Ear Reduction Surgery

Hi Dr. Mike,
My name is --- and I am 14 years old. My ears have been slightly big my entire life. I have gotten lots of teasing from it, this is kinda hard to say. I want to have this surgery done so bad because I am sick of it all, its just one stress to many to add to my life. How do I go about getting this surgery done, and how do I talk to my parents about this without them laughing in my face? This is quite embarrassing, thankyou for your time.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Large ears are rare. Most ears are a normal size but stick out too far from the head appearing "big." Ear size stabilizes at a fairly young age. I have posted some information about ear size on my website. At 14 years old, you should explore this information with your parents. If they are interested, they can call my office to set up an appointment to discuss your options after an examination.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Big Ears That Stick Out

Hi there,
First off, I would like to say that your site is very informative and easy to get around. I have a question though. I have ears that stick out a little bit, but are also a little big in size. I know about the pin back surgery for the fact that they stick out, but how can they be made smaller? I've been told that it is a very hard procedure. If you could please shed some light on the issue I would be very grateful. Thank you very much,

Dr. Bermant responds:

An introduction to macrotia surgery can be found here. The consultation is a better place to continue this education about your concerns.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Making Ears Smaller

I'd like to know one thing, when making an ear smaller, how do you do cut pieces of the ear? how do you manage to make it smaller? compress it? because i hope it won't look deformed when its made smaller, you know , i hope it looks normal thats all

Dr. Bermant responds:

There are many possible problems that can make an ear large. I treat each macrotia ear reduction is an individual sculpture for each patient. Although I have an Introduction to such surgery on my web pages, you would need a evaluation for me to comment about specific solutions and address the concerns for your ear. This is done during your consultation. If interested, call my office for an appointment.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Surgery to Reduce Big Ears

i read your wib in the internet about the plastic surgery ,and i want to ask some questions about this field because i really want to do that surgery. i have big ears so i want to reduce thier size , so can any surgery do that for me. and for how much i can reduce thier size . how much that surgery cost me , please tell me all the details because as i told you i want really to do that surgery. i want all the details including the doctor's payment ,the hospital cost each day ,and the other hospital's costs. another thing that want to know for how many days i will be in the hospital , and if i can return to my countery after the surgery in one day. for how many days the surgery lines will be seen on my face and my head. and befaore how many days must i take an appointment with you to do that surgery , because i have a lot of work in my countery , so i can choose the best date for me and not before long time before the surgery because my work shedule differs from oone time to another . please tell me all what i asked you fastly i am looking forward to hearing from you

Dr. Bermant responds:

There are many types of large ear deformities. You need an examination before I can discuss possible options and costs. Most macrotia ear reduction patients are either ambulatory surgery (home the same day) or some take advantage of a hospital up to 23 hours ambulatory package.

An introduction to macrotia surgery can be found here. Although there is a great deal of information to start with, we help our patients explore their options during consultations. For our patients who must travel great distances to see us, we suggest starting with our remote preliminary package. After reviewing forms, medical information, and images that help us better understand you problem, we start with a telephone discussion. There is a fee for this process. Patients then continue with an in office consultation. This preliminary discussion helps our patients become comfortable with us before travel to Virginia. If you are interested, please call my office during regular office hours (9-5 Eastern Time Monday - Friday). My staff can help you with preliminary details and discuss our availability and find what may match your schedule.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Travel from England UK for Ear Reduction Otoplasty Surgery

Hello Dr. Bermant

Please could you help me with something I find hard to talk about with other people, the problem being, large ears.

I am a 24 year old male, from England UK, I am currently in the final forth year of my Degree at University, and soon as I finish, I will be trying to do something about my defect. I feel that my ear lobes are large, aswell as my ears, I have sent forward a picture of myself, so that you can see what I mean. I feel my ears have put me down all my life, and this is why I am writing to you, in hope of trying to do something about my situation.

The question that I ask is, I there a possible surgery which will shorten my ear lobes, and also for pinning the ears back, as I say my ears and ear lobes are large, and have always been desperately trying to do something about them.

Please could you tell me to what extent can a surgeon go to, minimising the ear lobe and ear size, as I want them to be at least half the size. I may be asking for to much, which you will know from experience, probably cannot be done, but I would be grateful if you can let me know the cost for such an operation, what is involved, and any other comments use can tell me from the picture that I have sent you. The picture is very recent and shows most of the ears, but if you would like me to send you a clearer view of both sides then please let me know.

I would be grateful if you can keep this confidential. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


--- England

Dr. Bermant responds:

The earlobes can be enlarged by themselves or part of a general big ear problem. Earlobe reduction by itself is an option when the lobes are too big for the ear. Shortening alone earlobes that are already in proportion can unbalance the appearance of the ears. This is a problem that needs to be evaluated to comment further. Ear lobe reduction alone can be less complex and therefore not as expensive than otoplasty. We do have a remote package if you want my opinion about your ears. There is a fee for this discussion.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Ear Reduction and Pinback Otoplasty

Hello Dr.,
I was wondering if you could please answer a question for me. I've searched the net high and low and can't find proper information on ear reduction. You have the best info on otoplasty. I am interested in that procedure, but I want to get my ears size reduced too. Primarily, I want my earlobes signifigantly reduced. Also, I an interested in having the overall size of my auricles reduced. Is all of this possible? I know a thorough exam is needed prior to anything. But I'm in my 20's and I hate my ears. Please tell me any info you can or any places you could refer me to for info. Possibly you can do the procedures for me. Thank you very much for your time.
Sincerely, ---.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your comments about my otoplasty ear sculpture. Yes, ear reduction is possible in many cases. My web pages are but an introduction to what we offer at Bermant Plastic Surgery. However if you are looking for information beyond that, you would need an evaluation and consultation. Sorry we are not a referral service.

Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery

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