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Travel From Texas for Gynecomastia Surgery:

The following are a series of threads excerpted with permission of our patient:

Sep 27th
After much thought and a remote consultation with Dr. Bermant, I have set a date for surgery. I will make the trek from Texas to Virginia in mid-November with a 11/16 surgery date set. I would have set an earlier date, but brother and his wife have their first baby due in late October, and I have a business trip from 10/18-11/8. At least I can wear my compression vest in the winter (not that is gets too cold in Texas). D

In answer to a post about traveling to Virginia from Texas for Dr. Bermant's surgery:

Oct 10th
I don't think there is such as thing as "crazy distance". I don't remember who said it on this forum, but I couldn't agree with it more... "If I'm going to get this done, I might as well get it done right!"

Lets face it, this is procedure is not cheap. If I am willing to pay the price to have this elective surgery, I might as well get the best (and I think that is what I will get with Dr. Bermant). Travel expense is not as much as I expected. I think I paid $400 for airfare (mother and I), couple hundred for car rental (got an SUV!), and a couple more for hotel (not sure where where staying yet). Anyway, I think it will be well worth it, as I am sure your surgery will be too. D

Oct 10th
I don't want to speak for Dr. Bermant, but from what I understand, the day of my surgery is the last time I am required to see him. This is from Dr. Bermant and partially discusses the issue:

"I am able to design the closure with dissolvable sutures for most patients. When I do need to use non-dissolvable sutures, some stay here until suture removal about 6 days later. Others return for that evaluation. We do not encourage it, but some ask that a local doctor removes sutures back home. It is always best if we are permitted the extra contact with our patients"

I would imagine that many of his patients are unable to travel back to Richmond for a post-op exam. However, I think at least one post-op visit would be a good idea (I am going to try to make it back at least once)

I would like to note that Dr. Bermant's surgery fee includes any post-op visits you need. Call or write his office...both Dr. Bermant and his assistant Jane have been very helpful in answering my questions. D

Oct 14th
As I told all of you, I am having gyne. surgery on Nov. 16 in Richmond, VA by Dr. Bermant. My mother (whom I am taking with me) did not know about the surgery until this weekend. I told her I was treating her to a vacation to Washington DC. Actually, the beginning of the trip is a vacation...we are flying into DC early and touring a few days before getting down to business in Richmond.

This weekend I went home to visit family and she said "with this sniper on the loose in DC, isn't there a better place for us to go on vacation?". I thought it was as good of time as any to explain why DC/Virginia area had been my selected destination. My mother is a die hard southern baptist and thought she would say something like "Plastic Surgery is the devil...why change what God gave you?". I was very surprised when the conversation went as follows:

Mom: (nonchalantly) Oh ok, I've heard of gynecomastia...So do we still get to go to the Smithsonian?

Me: don't have a problem with me getting Plastic Surgery?

Mom: No...It's no different then someone going to an Orthodontist and getting braces.

Cool huh? Anyway...just thought I would share. D

Oct 30th
I am going flying up early to vacation a few days before surgery. I think at most you are required to be in Richmond 3 days (one day for consultation/markings, one for surgery, and Dr. Bermant likes you to stay in town for at least one day after surgery). I am not sure how many times I will travel to Richmond... I'll have to see what Dr. Bermant recommends. I am taking my mother with me on the trip. You really should contact Dr. Bermant about prices...they vary greatly depending on your case. My total fees are $4250, but this does NOT include travel expenses. Hope this helped...the best way to find out information is to take the leap and call Dr. Bermant's office. D

Nov 18th
Just got back from surgery with Dr. Bermant. All I can say is that so far Dr. Bermant's work has far exceeded my expectations. I only took one pain pill the day of surgery (just to be safe) and have needed no medication since then. I have NO bruising, and only limited swelling. In fact the only swelling I can see is on my sternum (I have a muscular chest and thus, the compression vest does not touch my sternum). Although it will be a week or two before I can see my arelloas/nipples (covered by dressing), my chest looks amazing! I will write a more detailed store of my experience tomorrow. D

Nov 19th
BACKGROUND: I am a 25 year old male from Dallas, TX. I am 5'7" and weigh 180 lbs. I decided to travel to Richmond, VA to have Dr. Bermant perform my gynecomastia surgery.

PRE-OP: Two months ago I contacted Dr. Bermant's office and set up a remote package consultation. The phone consult was very compulsory... I understand now that that is the best he can do without seeing patients in person. Upon arriving in Richmond I went to Dr. Bermant's office where I had my first meeting with him. I had a complete examination, took numerous photos from every angle, addressed more questions, and discussed my case. The day before surgery I went back for markings and to address more questions. Before meeting Dr. Bermant in person I often thought "why am I flying across the country to get this done". After meeting him in person I was quickly put at ease. He was VERY thorough and educating. He explained everything in a very logical way.

THE SURGERY: When I set my surgery date back in September I was told I was would be the first surgery of the at 7:30am. Upon arriving in Richmond this time had changed to 11:15am for one reason or another. I arrived at Dr. Bermant's office at 11am and waited. Dr. Bermant was finishing up on another patient and I didn't get into surgery until about 3pm. This wait was the only down side of process... was really hungry! However, it was obvious that Dr. Bermant was being very meticulous with the patient before me and that is how I wanted him to be with me.

By the time I made it back to get my IV, I had met most of Dr. Bermant's surgical staff. They were all very friendly and professional. I changed into my hospital gown and got my IV from the anesthesiologist. The IV was a quick prick and the only painful part of the entire process. The anesthesiologist had me walk to the OR and lay on the surgical table/bed. A few adjustments and some small talk and next thing I know I am waking up. Dr. Bermant moved my hand to my chest and asked me what I thought of my new chest. I was still a little drugged, but it looked great. I got off the surgical table/bed and walked myself to the recovery room.

The anesthesiologist had me go urinate and then he took out my IV. They showed me the glands they removed and then Dr. Bermant explained how the surgery went. He indicated that because I had very little fat, there was no fat beneath the glands. He performed a "fat flap" sculpture to fill in the void of fat. Dr. Bermant explained that the sutures used to create the fat flap were strong, but the fat tissue is not so I would have to be very careful with my arm movements as to not tear this fat flap sculpture. After he finished explaining the procedure, I was wheeled out to the car.

POST-OP: Dr. Bermant called me twice after my surgery to see how I was doing and to address any other questions I had. I have had zero bruising...and only very limited swelling. In fact the only swelling I can see is on my sternum. I have a muscular chest and the compression vest does not touch/support my sternum. The only discomfort has been from the compression vest and the effect it has on my posture. Because I was instructed to limit arm movement, I am finding it somewhat challenging getting dressed, but I think I almost have that mastered.

COMMON QUESTIONS: How long did it take you to get back to work? I could easily have gone back to work the day after surgery. Could anyone tell you had surgery? I don't think anyone could tell I had something done unless I had to get something from I high shelf or carry something heavy. How much did your procedure cost? If you are that curious, I REALLY encourage you to contact Dr. Bermant's office. Cost can and will vary, but my procedure, travel for two, rental car, and hotel was about $5000 and so far has been worth EVERY penny.

EVALUATION OF DR. BERMANT: I am going to do my best not to make this sound like an advertisement for Dr. Bermant. So far Dr. Bermant, his surgical talents, and his staff have far exceeded my expectations. He has all the qualities that I wanted in a surgeon...he is meticulous...he is artistic...he is VERY dedicated to his job...he is a perfectionist...he is VERY educated and shares that education with his patients...he has a incomparable experience (he did 3 gynecomastia surgeries on Saturday alone...two from Texas and one from California...many PCs don't do that many in a year)...I could go on. I hear so many people on this board complain about slow or bad results. Dr. Bermant's dynamic technique is very customized for the patient and gives immediate results with little or no pain, swelling, and bruising. If you are going to get this surgery done, don't waste your time and money, get it done right the first Dr. Bermant's office. D

Nov 19th
I went into this surgery just wanting to address puffy nipples. However, after visiting with Dr. Bermant he showed how the fat tapered out from the gland area and limited the definition I would get around my lower pec. Dr. Bermant's surgical technique addressed this and the overall shape of my chest looks much better in my opinion. You are big day will be when I get to see the areolla/nipple area because that was my main concern also. Right now there is no indication of being "puffy" anymore...but they are covered by a thin dressing so I don't know for sure. I'll find out in a week or two

When Dr. Bermant performed the surgery there was no fat tissue under the glands. In order to prevent a "crater" effect he had to move and suture a flap of fat under the areolla. D

Nov 21st
I rented a car when I had surgery with Dr. Bermant. I went to Richmond early and visited Washington DC, so a rental car was important. If you bring someone with you, they could be the driver if you rent a car. Otherwise, taxis might work. Most of the Hotels listed on Bermant's site are REALLY close to the hospital but not so close to his office. If you are having surgery at his office, I would look for a closer hotel...if you are having surgery at the hospital, the hotels on his site are in a great location! Traffic in that part of the east coast is really bad, so I can understand your desire not to drive. D

Dec 2nd
Talked with Bermant this morning and removed the dressing that covered the surgical area. It was my first look at my nipple/areolla area that was covered by the dressing. Things look really good. I can't believe I am only 2 weeks post-op. I travel back to Richmond to see Dr. Bermant on Dec. 16. I'll try to post some pics in the next day or two. D

Dec 2nd
Yes, I researched plastic surgeons in the DFW area. Although many PS offer free consultations, others can charge as much as $200. Money aside, I have a busy job and could not just take a week off to visit numerous surgeons. The only surgeons in DFW that appeared to have a lot of experience in gyne. claimed excision was obsolete using instruments like "UAL" or "sharp cannulas". Further research indicated that both these instruments caused much more swelling, bleeding, bruising, and greatly increased the need for drains.

Early in my investigation I found Dr. Bermant's site and would frequent it as a reference, but never considered traveling for surgery. I was very impressed with his work, his obvious knowledge of gyne., and how he shared that knowledge on both his site and this forum. I saw patients on his site that had cases very similar to mine with amazing results. I read forum posts by several of Dr. Bermant's patients that praised his work and how quickly they saw results. I also started reading posts by other forum members who had surgery elsewhere who still had puffy nipples months after surgery and were less than satisfied with results.

Finally, one day I read a post from another one of Dr. Bermant's patients that said "If you are going to get this done...get it done right!" That statement really hit home with me and I decided right then and there that I was going to see Dr. Bermant regardless of how much it was going to cost me. Funny thing is, I don't think I paid any more than if I had it done in DFW. So for about the same price, I got a vacation to the east coast plus the peace of mind that I was in the hands of one of best...if not the best gyne. surgeon in the world. So far the entire process has exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Bermant likes his patients to stay in town at least until the day after surgery. I had surgery on a Saturday and went back to Dallas Monday morning(weekday flights were cheaper). D

Dec 5th, 4:04pm
Actually he did much more than just gland removal: Everyone has a layer of fat between their pec muscle and skin. In my case this layer was very thin... however Dr. Bermant explained that as the layer of fat gets closer to the glands, the fat "tapers" to a thicker layer (see diagram). Dr. Bermant sculptured this taper of fat with liposuction to give me a more desired contour and consistent fat layer. After removing part of the gland, he observed that there was not much (if any) fat below the gland. In order to prevent a "crater" Dr. Bermant moved a flap of fat consistent with the thickness of my normal fat layer in the void created by the gland removal. Finally, he removed a very small ellipse of skin from my areolla to address extra skin that would otherwise be present following gland removal.

This is all part of dynamic sculpture technique discussed on his website. From what I understand, low body fat can make the surgery more difficult. D

Dec 16th
Just got back from a follow-up exam with Dr. Bermant in Richmond, VA. The follow-up exam came one month after having gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Bermant on 11/16. It was not a required trip, but I had the vacation to kill.

I last posted about my surgery at the 2 week post-op point. Since then, I have started scar care and had a complete recovery (from limited arm movement). Dr. Bermant said my recovery was equal to or even ahead of most of his patients. He answered some question and took a bunch of pictures and videos, and I was on my way.

Guys, I am a software developer. When I am faced with a problem, I know there are thousands of solutions to that problem...and it's my job to find the BEST solution. No one solution will be best every time. That's why I can't see how so many Plastic Surgeons can claim the same technique (solution) is right for every patient (excision, lipo, or both). Too be honest, I don't see how they can tell what technique to use until they open you up and see what actually needs to be done.

This is really what sets Dr. Bermant apart from other surgeons in my opinion. His dynamic technique is so customized to each patient. My case would be considered mild....yet he still customized my surgery using numerous techniques (tissue excision, lipo. contouring, fat flap scupture, ellipse skin excision, etc.). All these techniques, coupled with his amazing skill gave me results beyond my expectations...with little or no swelling, bruising, bleeding, and time off work (not to mention my scars are very small and already hard to see).

I don't care what part of the world you live in, traveling to Richmond for this surgery will be worth it.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for giving us permission to post your comments.

Travel from Dallas Texas for Dr. Bermant's Gynecomastia Surgery

 Dr. Bermant
Just wanted to let you know that both my dressings came off this weekend.  Everything looks GREAT.  I am having no problems.  I know you are on vacation and I was not sure whether we still needed a phone consult (since the dressings are off).  I am extremely happy with the results. I will still be available on my cell phone tomorrow morning.  Hope you are enjoying some time off.
(Dallas TX)

Dr. Bermant responds:

We are glad you are progressing well after your surgery and thank you for the follow-up. I look forward to still talking with you by phone as planned.

Michael Bermant, MD

Travel From Dallas Texas for Bermant Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

Dr. Bermant:
I have been reading the studying the information presented on your website and also the discussion forums for over a year now. I have had a liposuction only surgery to address my gynecomastia and I am very disappointed with the results.

I live in Dallas, TX.  I am interested in finding out more about your remote consultation, prices, etc…

In addition to a gynecomastia surgery, I am interested in possible sub-mental liposuction as well.

Thank you for your time.


Dr. Bermant responds:

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery may help. We see many patients from Dallas Texas and around the world who prefer my techniques and are happy to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Discussion. Yes, Liposuction of the Neck can usually be done at the same surgery.

We look forward to helping you explore your concerns,

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery from Dallas Texas

I am a 24 year old male in Dallas, Tx. One year ago I had gynecomastia surgery to remove lumps in my chest caused excessive steroid use.  The doctor removed much of the fat (I also had Lipo done at same time) But I still have the hard tissue as well as bad scars. I would like the hard lumps taken out of my chest, liposuction on my flanks and possible my stomach.  And the scars on my chest minimized as much as possible.

I would like to do this either in February or maybe not until September depending on schedule.  What would the cost be?  How long would I have to stay there?  Is more than 1 trip to your office required?  Thanks for your time.



Dr. Bermant responds:

Liposuction is a great tool for fat, but does not do well for gland. I have done many Revision Gynecomastia Surgeries for problems from other doctor's Liposuction alone Male Breast Reduction.

Liposuction of the Flanks and Stomach can be usually done during the same operation.

Stay in Richmond varies based on the problem(s) to be treated.

We see many patients from Dallas Texas and most start with our Preliminary Remote Discussion to minimize travel to Richmond.

Jane is my office manager and will be glad to help with typical costs and what time we have available. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Travel from Houston Texas for Dr. Bermant's Revision Gynecomastia Surgery


I just spent about two hours on your website and was very impressed.  I live in Houston and was previously considering only local doctors, but am now seriously considering flying to Richmond given your expertise.  I am interested in interested in having my gynecomastia corrected, as well as liposuction around my waist.

I had surgery nearly 10 years ago (am now 30) by a Dr. _ in Dallas.  I was mostly pleased with the results (7-8 on a 10 scale), but feel like it has gotten more pronounced in the last couple of years.

A couple of questions:  Could I have both procedures done in one trip?  Would I need someone to accompany me?  Would a follow-up trip be needed?  How soon is your availability?

Thank you very much,


Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many patients from Houston and all over Texas. Revision Gynecomastia Surgery and Liposuction of the Waist can usually be done during the same operation. For those patients who prefer to travel alone, my office staff can help hire a nurse for a few hours after surgery. We typically see our patients the day after surgery. For complex revision surgery patients, I prefer to take the dressings off myself, and that is usually about 6 days after surgery. Some patients stay, others travel back and forth, and yet others just vacation nearby.

Jane is my office manager and can better explain what time we have available. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Gynecomastia Surgery Dallas Forth Worth Texas

Hi Doctor,

Do you have any openings in January for gynecomastia surgery?  I was planning on using a local surgeon in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas but his surgeries pictures are not near as good as yours.  I am very interested.
Kind Regards,

Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many patients from Dallas - Fort Worth region who prefer my techniques and are glad to help you explore your concerns.

Michael Bermant, MD

Canceling Surgery in Dallas Texas for Dr. Bermant's Gynecomastia Sculpture

Hello my name is M and I live in Plano, Texas.  I was scheduled to have gynecomastea surgery in Dallas.  My doctor’s name is Dr - in Dallas.  I would like to see if your office could request my records because I am interested in moving forward with your practice and having surgery.  I think my issue is more of the glandular nature and not so much that Liposuction could resolve.  I am 6’2 225 lbs and not fat.  I have had puffy nipples since puberty.  Through all of my research you practice seems to be the leaders in this field.  Please feel free to contact me @ xxx.
Best Regards,

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we do see many patients from Texas for their Gynecomastia Puffy Nipple Surgery. You will need to arrange with that doctor's office to forward their records. Jane is my office manager and will be glad to help. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

We look forward to helping you explore your concerns,

Michael Bermant, MD


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