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Tummy Tuck Thoughts - Travel for Dr. Bermant's Tummy Tuck Revision Belly Button Surgery after 2 Failed Umbilicoplasty Navel Operations by Other Surgeon

I was disappointed by the lack of "tummy tuck and revision umbilicoplasty" journals on the web, so here is my contribution.

Before I talk about my feelings for today, let me provide a little background. I am an avid runner. I'm 5'7" about 115 pounds and 30 years old. I hated my stomach. My muscle tone was great and had very little fat near my stomach. With a leotard on my tummy, I looked perfect, but I knew I had this unsightly stomach. If Dr. Bermant posts the pictures, you'll see how ugly my belly button and stomach really looked. I had this starburst-like navel. It was flat wide with stretch marks surrounding my navel. To make matters worse I burned the skin around my belly button. I like many other people work out and was really upset at having to hide my stomach. This umbilicoplasty surgery was performed by a qualified plastic surgeon in a hospital. I'd seen Dr. Bermant on the web but honestly chose another surgeon because I had to commit to making several trips to his office and I figured I'd go to this other guy because there was no fuss and he was a little bit less expensive than Dr. Bermant. Big mistake!!! The other surgeon's consultation was less than 30 minutes. I allowed this guy to perform two surgeries on my navel and stomach. With each surgery my stomach grew progressively worse. I actually spent so much more money with this other surgeon than I did with Dr. Bermant. The surgeon was capable, but he did not have the years of experience that Dr. Bermant has with the abdominal area. In my case, I needed an superb surgeon with the ability to envision the projected results of my surgery. I wanted a surgeon who would be prepared for the "what if something doesn't go the way we talked about in our consultation."

Well, I finally decided to go to Dr. Bermant when my son told me my stomach was ugly. He's only ten and God bless his honesty. I knew he was right. I'd tried Dermablend to cover my stomach but I would sweat it off. I could never get a 100% color match. That make-up wasn't cheap. I felt cheated out of a part of my life. Forget about EVER showing my tummy. With little hope I turned to Dr. Bermant. I expected him to tell me that he couldn't help. Anyway, I went to see Dr. Bermant for an umbilicoplasty revision. After my initial consultation, I learned that I needed more than a revision; I'd also need a tummy tuck. A TUMMY TUCK!!!

Honestly when Dr. Bermant told me I needed a tummy tuck, I thought he need a very long vacation. I wasn't fat and I didn’t have much skin to work with. I listened to Dr. Bermant talk and the more he talked the more I actually began to understand that tummy tucks are only for people who have huge amounts of fats hanging from their abdominal area. Dr. Bermant said I'd have to have a umbilicoplasty revision along with a tummy tuck. I was taken aback!!! I was more amazed that he actually told me to take some time and think about this surgery. He never pressured or scared me into this surgery. It is major and is something I'd have to commit to. I took a few weeks and decided I was ready to commit to this surgery. There were never herds of people in his office and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I made two or three trips to his office before surgery, each visit lasted over an hour. Dr. Bermant has this "encyclopedic" knowledge of the tummy. It was very surreal talking to him. I now understand what is meant by the statement, "plastic surgeons are like artists". Dr. Bermant could see my end result before I could fully see it. He never made any promises and made me fully aware of the complications.

Day of Surgery - Travel from Washington, DC for Dr. Bermant's Tummy Tuck Revision Belly Button Surgery after 2 Failed Umbilicoplasty Navel Operations by Other Surgeon

Day of surgery.
I was so much more nervous than expected the day of my surgery. I read all the information on Dr. Bermant's website. I feel like I read all the information on every website about tummy tucks. I think I've viewed hundreds of before and after pictures. I feel I was a well-informed patient. My surgery is scheduled for 9:30AM. I don't know why I feel more nervous with Dr. Bermant than with my other surgeon. I had all the confidence in the world with Dr. Bermant. I guess I was nervous because I knew I would be "screwed royally" if my surgery wasn't successful. Also, I really didn't know how I would feel. I thought I would be in narcotics-induced comatose state and bed-ridden for one month post-op. Seriously, I just thought I was going to be in so much pain. I elected to have my surgery at his office. Strangely I began to feel more relaxed once the IV was started. The anesthesiologist was very caring and knowledgeable. The surgery staff was energetic, accommodating and delightful. I felt like I was in my home. Dr. Bermant made me feel really relaxed, even through the embarrassment of the pre-op surgery body cleansing.


Dr. Bermant told me some patients don't remember their stomach after surgery and before being taped up. I remember that well. I thought I was still under sedation and hallucinating. My stomach and belly button was finally beautiful. I literally pinched myself right after surgery because I didn't believe what I was seeing. Dr. Bermant has this video camera set up so that patients can see their new tummies immediately after being awakened by the anesthesiologist. I kept thinking in my head, "God please let this video of my navel be true". My stomach was actually beautiful. Dr. Bermant approached my surgery using a different closure method. I didn't have the scars I thought I would have. It was beautiful. Eleven years of hiding my belly…GONE!!!!!!! I could have bowed at his knees if I wasn't still drugged. Funny but that's all I remember immediately after surgery. I don't remember having the drains put in or the compression garment being put on me.

Day After Surgery - Travel from Washington, DC for Dr. Bermant's Tummy Tuck Revision Belly Button Surgery after 2 Failed Umbilicoplasty Navel Operations by Other Surgeon

The Day after Surgery

I wasn't in any pain. I had minor discomfort. I actually walked for about five minutes on a treadmill at the lowest speed(.5). I figured the treadmill was better because I could hold onto the rails. I was not on any drugs at the time I walked on the treadmill and still had my friend standing nearby. I was an avid runner beforehand and so the treadmill was like second nature and my pulse never went above 80. I was afraid of blood clots. I stayed at a hotel nearby and was able to do some more walking around the hotel. My friend and I both thought that after surgery I would be in some sort of narcotics-induced comatose stated and bedridden. Not the case at all. Dr. Bermant called and I told him about my progress. He attributed my progress to the Tumescent pain block. Dr. Bermant told me that I had my abdominal wall tightened and created a new belly button for me. I was very comfortable with the Tylenol and may have taken four that day. I took the Tylenol ahead of the pain. I had one drain put into my abdomen and very little fluid was recorded for that day.

Second Day After Surgery - Travel from Washington, DC for Dr. Bermant's Tummy Tuck Revision Belly Button Surgery after 2 Failed Umbilicoplasty Navel Operations by Other Surgeon

The Second Day after Surgery

This day was a bit tough. I wasn't in pain but the compression garment was terribly uncomfortable. Dr. Bermant told me the garment is just doing its job. I guess it was because I record my highest fluid loss from the drain on this day. The most uncomfortable thing about the garment is that it bothers my sutures on the front of my hips and rubs under my breast. I look at this as a minor inconvenience for a greater good. Dr. Bermant called again. I was shocked. He called to see how I was feeling. I told Dr. Bermant that I was feeling the same just in a love-hate relationship with the compression garment. Dr. Bermant warned me not to pack too much gauze into my garment because it could kill the tissue with too much pressure. He also wanted to know about my deep breathing. Dr. Bermant gives you this devices to measure the capacity of the breathing. My breathing was fine. However, I never knew how much stomach muscle pressure it took to sneeze. I sneeze shortly after hanging up the phone with Dr. Bermant. It feels like someone reached into stomach and was holding my by my new sutures. It hurt worse than childbirth. When I felt the urge to sneeze again, I just breathed in very quickly and held my nose. It has seemed to work.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Holding a pillow on the stomach to splint healing tissues can also help minime discomfort of a cough or sneeze. Padding a pressure point under the garment or at the edge of the fabric with gauze can sometimes help. However, keeping extra pressure off of the compromised central tissues is still important.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We really appreciate them and look forward to hearing about your progress and recovery.

Unhappy with Belly Button After Tummy Tuck and Revision Belly Button Umbilicoplasty Twice in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

I have a question regarding my belly button. I am a 31 year old female living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have visited your site many times before as I have been looking for information regarding navels. Two years ago I underwent an abdominalplasty and liposuction six months after the birth of my third child.

After surgery I had immediate problems, there was an excess of skin left in my new navel and I had also developed hypertrophic scarring due to the amount of tension on my new incision. My plastic surgeon performed two revisions, only to have more scarring, then to deal with the scarring he injected steriods to help breakdown the scarring which ended up spliting my skin. Now it looks like I have a big stretch mark where he injected the steriod in.

I went for a third revision with another surgeon and he dissected my navel, however there is still that stretch mark scar from the steriod and excess skin. I guess what I am asking is, can it be fixed? Is there any hope for it to resemble a normal navel? I don't know what to do, I guess I want to know if I should give up, but it looks awful...I regret getting a tummytuck in the first place. I actually feel I looked better before that all of this.

Any advice?

Dr. Bermant responds:

Options depend on the original problem, what was done, and how you healed. Making a belly button during the Tummy Tuck gives us the most flexibility in a new navel. There are limitations on what revision belly button umbilicoplasty surgery can offer. We are happy to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Discussion. At the time of your evaluation, copies of your prior operative reports, doctors' office notes, and photographs before surgery can be of great value in evaluating your options for possible revision. If you are interested in our help, please contact our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision After Tummy Tuck Ugly Flat Belly Button

I do not like my belly button after my tummy tuck. It is flat and ugly.

Picture: Flat Belly Button - Not Done By Dr. Bermant

picture of belly button of another doctor's patient who was unhappy with her belly button after tummy tuck

Dr. Bermant responds:

Belly button during a Tummy Tuck is an art form. Results depend on the problem to be treated, surgical techniques, skill of the surgeon, how a patient heals, after care, scar care, and other factors. Picking your surgeon carefully is very important. Artful sculpture is better than needing revision surgery.

Options for Belly Button Revision Surgery depend on many factors. We are happy to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Discussion. At the time of your evaluation, copies of your prior operative reports, doctors' office notes, and photographs before surgery can be of great value at the time of your evaluation. If you are interested in our help, please contact our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

After Repair of Umbilical Hernia and Belly Button Umbilicoplasty Surgery in Bronx New York.


I did some research on-line and saw some of your work on umbilicoplasty. I need your help and would like to know approximate cost for the procedure to see if I can do it right away.

On May 17, I had an umbilical Hernia operation performed by a Surgeon, Dr. L in the Bronx New York at __Hospital. I asked him if he could possibly tuck my belly button in and make it an "innie" and he said "Yes, I'll tuck it in and give you a beautiful belly button". To make a long story short, it is far from an "innie" he just meshed together some of the excess skin and it looks like my old belly button, only with a stitch in the middle.

I know that with your procedure I can get the belly button I want. I would like some information or if possible a phone call from you.

Looking forward to your response.



Dr. Bermant responds:

Revision belly button umbilicoplasty is often an option. It depends on your original problem and what was done and how you healed. We are glad to help you explore your options during an in office consultation or a Preliminary Remote Evaluation. Cost for Revision Belly Button Umbilicoplasty depends on the problem to be treated and can be better explained by our office staff. They can also help with what time we have available and can be reached by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revising an "Outie to Innie" Umbilicoplasty Belly Button Operation done in Seattle Washington

Hi Dr. Bermant,

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it has been to explore your website on umbilocoplastic procedures. Seven years ago I had "experimental" umbilicoplasty to make my outie navel an innie. The surgery was performed by one of Seattle's top cosmetic surgeons who had only recreated navels as part of tumescent liposuction. The results were disappointing. At the time there were no doctors advertising their services and I was operating in a vacuum when it came to surgeon selection. No one knew what I was talking about and I had called about 10 doctors.

I lost my "before" picture but to give you an idea, it looked a lot like the young fellow's featured on your site; what has been described as a "cinnamon-roll" or curlicue shape. As a female athlete, I experienced much chafing of my navel along the waistband of my shorts or tights, and occasional infections. I was teased by siblings growing up for looking different and did my best to cover my midriff, avoiding bikinis etc. due to self-consciousness.

At any rate, the vertical slit I so longed for after the surgery never appeared. I have a zig-zaggy horizontal hood--not as pretty as your "after" examples. My surgeon told me it was because I have no extra fat pads on my stomach to make an innie. Is that a factor in the outcome? I have considered having it redone but I know there's more to life than your navel. I'm just curious.

Thanks in advance for your response to my question.



Dr. Bermant responds:

There are many anatomical factors that can effect the beauty of the Belly Button. Athletes typically do not have much fat resulting in little navel depth. Revision belly button surgery is an art form, picking your sculptor carefully can be a factor. Options for further Umbilicoplasty Refinement depend on many factors best explored during an evaluation. We are happy to help you learn what further surgery may have to offer. My office staff will be glad to help set up either an in office evaluation or start your education with our Preliminary Remote Evaluation.

Michael Bermant, MD

Evaluation of Loose Skin About the Belly Button After Another Doctor's Liposuction

Dear Dr. Bermant,
I had liposuction on my abdomen and now have a protruding belly button and loose skin surrounding it. I was hoping that umbilicoplasty could help instead of a tummy tuck. I am sending photos for your review as I live out of state. Please respond and let me know if I should make an appt.
Thank you. K

Dr. Bermant responds:

Liposuction does not tighten skin, muscles, or fascia. Trying to tighten abdominal skin by removing excess through the belly button alone does not look good. Severe wrinkles result when a big circle is closed down to much smaller size. The scars from a Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty looks much better. You can see an example of Tummy Tuck after another surgeon's Liposuction here. We are glad to review photos, your health history, and concerns during a Preliminary Remote Evaluation. Our office staff will be glad to explain how we can help, they can be reached by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision Surgery for Off Center Belly Button After Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck

I had abdominalplasty and my belly button is a little off centered to the left (my left as I am looking down). I wanted to know what procedure could fix this and how they perform the procedure. I also wanted to find out the risks associated with it, do I have to be put to sleep again? Thank you for your time and effort on this matter.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Most patients have a certain degree of asymmetry normally to their body. The belly button is typically between the two vertical muscles. Your options depend on your original problem what was done, and how you healed. Sometimes the belly button can be recentered between the muscles. Sometimes the muscular fascia layer can be recentered during a revision tummy tuck abdominoplasty. We are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation. Copies of your operative report, before surgery pictures, and doctor's office notes can be of great value during your evaluation.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision Very Small Belly Button after Tummy Tuck

Dear Dr. Bermant,
I have a quick question, I had a tummy tuck about 1 year ago and my surgeon made me a extremely small whole. Anyone that sees it says they NEVER seen anything that small before. It is merely a tiny slit in my skin, I am not happy and told my doctor. He tried to correct it and make a hood but I don't feel like he has succeeded. I now pierce it not to look at it any further but that can not be my resolution to this problem. This is unacceptable to me. This problem is eating me up, I never knew how important a belly button was until you almost don't have one. I notice you are the only one that I have found that seems to have so much knowledge in this area. Can you please tell me if you think this can be repaired. My doctor says it is very difficult.
I would sooooooo appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Belly Button Surgical Sculpture is an art and an important component of Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty. That is why picking your surgeon carefully is so important. Revision options depend on the original problem, what was done, and how you healed. Sometimes a belly button can be made wider or longer with Belly Button Revision Surgery. Reasonable expectations are the key to success. We are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Evaluation. Copies of your surgeon's office notes, operative reports, and photographs before each prior surgery can help us evaluate your options.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revise Bad Scar and Unnatural Shape of Belly Button after Tummy Tuck Surgery

Hello, My question is: I had a tummy tuck 10 months ago. But for the most part I'm very pleased however I was left with a unnatural looking scar. The surgeon was trying to make a heart shaped belly button it looks awful. The scar is very thick because of the shape it makes the scar look worse. I was told that that's how I scar if I would go back try to revise the scar that it will still scar the same. I would like to have another opinion about this. Is there help for me that wouldn't include another surgery? Thank-you for your time.

Dr. Bermant responds:

How a patient scars can be a very important issue for elective plastic surgery. Someone who tends to form bad scars many not be a suitable candidate for Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty nor Revision Umbilicoplasty Belly Button Surgery.

Michael Bermant, MD

Travel from Florida for Revision Surgery for Belly Button Scar After Navel Piercing

Hello Doctor-
I was very impressed with your site, philosophy and credentials. I am interested in the umbilicoplasty but for a somewhat different reason and I am not sure if I would be a candidate. I am located in the Florida area also.
I had a naval piercing ( just above my belly button ) which became badly infected. I ended up letting it close and wasnt happy with the scar ( 2 reddened circles from the point of entrance and exit) I went to a plastic surgeon who told me he could cut out the area and make it into a white linear scar ( and make it more asthetically pleasing). Anyway - turns out it is just that but what is really bothering me is the Feeling of the scar tissue and the appearance somewhat. It is a 2 cm line ( approx) that goes strait up from my belly button. I was looking at your umbilocoplasty pics and was wondering if maybe this whole area could be cut out and a whole new umbilical area created. Anyway- pretty sure you cant answer me for sure without actually seeing it but If you think you could possibley help me I would be willing to travel. tHANKS IN ADVANCE

Dr. Bermant responds:

Your options depend on how much loose skin you have. For some women, the old belly button opening and adjacent scars can be sculpted as part of a Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty. Sometimes there are Belly Button Umbilicoplasty options. Typically it is very difficult to bring a 2 cm scar into the belly button and have something that looks natural. We are glad to help you explore your options during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion. To learn more how we can help, please contact our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Neo-umbilicoplasty Surgery or Making a New Belly Button

I do not a a navel. I have already seen one doctor but always want a second guess or chance at it. The doctor I saw the 1st time stated that my navel has been patched and healed over time. So with him doing the surgery it would be a 50% chance that I would like it. and my chance's to making it look like a real navel are slim to none. So at the moment I'm between a rock and a hard place, is there anything you could do? I could forward you a picture so you could look at it to see, if its something that could be worked with. Thanx for your time.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Revising the belly button is common component of Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty. Trying to make a new belly button alone (Neo-Umbilicoplasty, Neoomphaloplasty) can be difficult. The original belly button healing as a baby had the advantage of newborn healing. Options for a new belly button (Neoumbilicus) depend on the problem to be treated, skill of the surgeon, surgical techniques) how you heal, and other factors. We are glad to help you explore your options during a preliminary remote discussion or in office consultation. To learn more, please contact our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision of Belly Button After Mini Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty Surgery

I had umbilicoplasty as part of a mini tummy tuck in February of this year. I love my plastic surgeon to death and am very sad to say that I am not happy with the results. The mini tummy tuck part is fine but I am not happy with my belly button. My belly has always been my best feature and after three kids well, you know. He says that he can make it a little better but I don't feel him and I are on the same page about this. If I send you a digital photo can you tell from that if you would be able to help me or not. I am very tiny, I am very "anal" so to speak about my appearance, I work out on a regular basis watch what I eat and I just feel as thought I shouldn't have to go thru the rest of my life hiding what used to be my best feature.
Please help me. More important that the appearance above all would be my health. I will not risk some serious side affects by touching this area again if it is a danger. I do have my kids and my husband to think of. Any input you have is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Bermant responds:

The belly button is a central tethering focus for the stomach. Distortions from MiniTuck Abdominoplasty depend on the original problem, what was done (there are many different techniques), skill of your surgeon, how you healed, and other factors. Revision surgery, like all surgery carries some risks. Evaluation of Standard Belly Button Pictures is part of our Preliminary Remote Evaluation. After filling out forms, sending us photographs, and details of your prior surgery, we are glad to help you explore your options for belly button revision surgery. There is a fee for this service.

Michael Bermant, MD

Surgery to Revise Distorted and Enlarged Belly Button after Exploratory Surgery

i'm 20yrs. old and i recently had an exploratory sugery, well they went through my belly button and the doctor promised everything would look the same and i would just have a small scar on the inside wall of my belly button. needless to see it doesn't look normal. half the wall of my belly button is now just like ledding to my stomach it's much more open and has no shape. Is this possiable to fix?

yes i'm concerned with how i look, i'm 20, in college and a sorority girl. i understand i shouldn't be this way considering i do have a anut you has a missing arm and missing foot but i'm still concered with how i look.


Dr. Bermant responds:

The belly button is a common site to hide scars for surgery. Success of the the operation leaving the belly button unaffected depends on the problem under treatment, what needs to be done, surgical techniques, skill of the surgeon, how you heal, and other factors. For some Revision Belly Button Surgery is an option. We are glad to help you explore what Plastic Surgery may have to offer during a consultation or our Preliminary Remote Discussion. At the time of your evaluation, copies of the operative report and doctor's office notes can be of great value in helping us understand your problem. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision after Mini Tummy Tuck with Belly Button Too Low and Distortion Above

Hi Dr. Bermant,
I had a mini tt 4/05. My belly button seems way too low and I have a lump in the mid line of my abs, above my belly button below my ribs. It has made a pulled look and seems like it is connected somehow. I am a fitness instructor and showing my abs is kind of part of it but I am now self conscious about this new problem. Do you have any suggestions as to the cause of the lump and could my belly button be fixed or moved again? thank you


Dr. Bermant responds:

There are many variations for Mini Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty. In a Belly Button Slide MiniTuck, excess skin above the belly button is managed by detaching the belly button and reattaching it in a lower position. The original attachment can leave a lump or distortion. Typically the muscle repair and sculpture hides the old belly button origin. A belly button moved to a lower position can look strange for some. Options depend on the original problem, what was done, and other factors that we are happy to help you explore during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Discussion. Our office will be glad to explain how we can help. Please contact our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

No Belly Button After Tummy Tuck - Can A New Belly Button Be Made

Hello Dr. Bermant,

I had a tummy tuck in February of this year. Unfortunately, during the procedure, my surgeon had to repair 3 hernias. This created problems with healing which resulted in a non-existent belly button. I am horrified with this and am exploring all my options in correcting this disfigurement.

I would be very interested in hearing about how you perform umbilicoplasty, specifically for my type of problem. The surgeon who performed my tummy tuck has informed me that I fell in the 1% of his patients that had this problem. He told me that there was little that could be done but mentioned that he could attempt a "fix" by doing a skin graft. I feel very disappointed and don't have much confidence with a surgeon who has had very little experience with this.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could educate me with whatever information you have on this subject.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Dr. Bermant responds:

During Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty, the old belly button is typically brought out through the skin that has been pulled down. In certain complicated operations like this Pannus Reduction, the belly button may need to be sacrificed as part of the operation. For that patient, I had cautioned that the belly button would be lost before surgery as part of the before surgery planning. Hernia repairs can complicate the tummy tuck. I am typically able to preserve the belly button and still repair the hernias during surgery.

Options for a new belly button (Neoumbilicus) depend on many factors. Making a new belly button (Neo-umbilicoplasty, Neoomphaloplasty) restores a focal and tethering point for the abdomen. There are limitations to the surgery as the original belly button was formed with newborn healing. We are glad to help you explore you options during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion. If interested in learning more, my staff can be reached by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision Belly Button Scars After Tummy Tuck From Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Hi Dr. Bermant,
I came across your web site because of the unhappiness with my bell button surgery / Tummy tuck that I had a year ago. I have since then went back to the surgeon and he has given me shots in the belly button area to soften the scar and make the belly button rounder. I don’t see a change to my liking when I am standing up straight my tummy is tight but shape is like a thinner Markey Diamond long on the sides and the scars appear a little thick on the outside shape ( like a rim) I thought that could of been done from the inside out with not much scaring showing? I have had surgery done by this doctor before and over all my face looks great I look 10 years younger I am very happy with my cheek lift and brow lift.

I not so happy with the scaring around my chest area but I feel I can live with that. I know this might sound a little funny but it doesn’t seem to me he has a good sewing technique. He said lets see how the Corazon shots do and if I am not happy he will re do the belly button. When I had my breast lift with implants done both breasts very thick scaring around the areola I went back into surgery a year later to try to fix the thick scaring.

There was a slight result but you can still see it under a dress of light color if not wearing a bra or if my hands glide over the touch of my breast. Where the scars can’t be seen the surgery looks great! I don’t wear any mid shirts or a 2 piece bathing suite I feel people are staring at me. This is not how I want to feel.
My questions are.
Can it be fix to look natural?

Do I go back to the same doctor because my fear is disappointment of the same results or worse?

I live in Philadelphia but I do have plenty of clients in your area I could refer you or even put a link to my site.
I would like you review the photos. Then if necessary I would come to you for a consultation. Or do you know of a doctor in the Philly or New York area that specializes like you in belly buttons?
I am afraid to make the wrong choice Please help!!!

By the way your site is GREAT you should check out mine we think alike.


Dr. Bermant responds:

Scaring can be an issue. If a patient has a tendency to form bad scars, revision belly button surgery may not be a very good option. It depends on the original problem, surgical techniques, skill of your surgeon, after care, scar care, and how you heal. Your prior doctor has experience in what has been done and how you healed. We see many patients from Philadelphia, New York, and around the world who prefer my techniques and skills. We are glad to review photographs during a Preliminary Remote Discussion, or examine you during an in office consultation. The in person evaluation is better for discussion about scarring. At the time of your evaluation, copies of your prior operative reports, doctor's office notes, and photos before surgery all can help us better understand the nature of your problem.

We always appreciate the many referrals we get from around the world and those who decide to link to our resources here at

Michael Bermant, MD

Revising Big Belly Button in Female Teenager After Umbilical Hernia and Repair of Pyloric Stenosis

Dr. Bermant,
My son is a 15 year old has an enlarged belly button, and. as of recent, expressed interest in receiving plastic surgery to fix it. He underwent surgery for pyloric stenosis at two weeks old and an umbilical hernia 5 years old. It is my opinion that a culmination of these two surgeries contributed to its profound size. It is harder for him to gain definition in his abdominal region through exercise, though the rest of his body is known to develop muscle at rapid rates. I was wondering if a correctional surgery could be preformed. If so, what price range are we looking at, and what are the chances of getting the insurance to cover some of the cost?
Thank You,

Dr. Bermant responds:

Umbilical hernias can result in distended skin inside of a belly button. Both abdominal surgery for pyloric stenosis and hernia repair can also alter the belly button. Large belly buttons may look unattractive. We are glad to help you explore how Revision Belly Button Surgery can help during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion. Prices for Belly Button Umbilicoplasty Surgery depend on the problem to be treated. Cosmetic Surgery is not typically covered by insurance. My office staff is better able to discuss insurance issues. They can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

Coming from South Florida for Belly Button Revision

Hi ,
I`m writing to you because I am interested in the belly button revision. I live in South Florida and I would have to drive to Virginia. So my question is , could I come for a consultation and have the surgery either the same day or next morning , and does he do surgery on Saturday for out of state patients ? Hope to hear back from you soon . Thank you. D

Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many patients from Florida and around the world who prefer my surgical skills. To reserve surgery time (Schedule Tentative Surgery), our patients start with our Preliminary Remote Discussion. They then have a confirmatory in office evaluation the day before surgery. The other option is to have an in office evaluation and then schedule surgery for a future visit. We do offer some Saturday surgery dates. We look forward to helping you explore your options.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision Belly Button Surgery to Move Low Belly Button

I had a tummy tuck and an umbilical hernia repair 4 years ago. Afterwards my belly button was about 3 and a half inches above my pubic area. The surgeon insisted this is it's original position but I don't remember it that way. It looks very strange and I'm not at all happy with it. Can it be corrected with another surgery? Is it possible for a belly button to naturally be so low on the abdomen?

Thank you.


Dr. Bermant responds:

With Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty, position of the belly button can be chosen to a degree. The belly button can be lowered with some forms of MiniTuck Abdominoplasty. It can be difficult to change the position of the umbilicus during Revision Belly Button Surgery since this is the tether point of the abdominal wall. Moving it up or down can affect the tension of the skin above or below the attachment. Such questions are best explored during a consultation after an evaluation.

Michael Bermant, MD

Repeat Revision Belly Button Surgery for Patient from Toronto Ontario Canada

Hi Dr. Bermant

My name is T, a year and half ago I had belly button surgery to remove some excess loose skin. The doctor basically cut out a donut shape around the belly button and then reconnected it. He used dissolvable stitches and for some reason I did not react well, so the belly button did not heal properly. It became extremely small, pulled in certain spots, scared badly and the skin still looked loose.

Six months later he re-did the surgery, now the belly button looks bigger but it looks like it frowns and pulls and the skin is still loose. I know I am not a candidate for a tummy tuck, do you have any suggestions.

I live in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, would you know of any plastic surgeons in the Toronto area that would be knowledgeable in this area. If you have any suggestions or if you can recommend a plastic surgeon it would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know what to do, before it was a little loose skin, now it’s loose, scared and pulling. I hate the way it looks, I am very self conscious and uncomfortable. I really regret doing this procedure; please tell me if this can be fixed.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Dr. Bermant responds:

Belly Button Umbilicoplasty can help with skin inside the belly button and the basic shape of the navel. Surrounding loose tissues can distort the shape of the belly button. Revision Belly Button Surgery does not help with surrounding loose skin, that is the function of Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty. Check this Gallery of Photographs Before and After Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty. Sorry we are not a referral service, but we do see many patients from Toronto Canada and around the world who prefer my techniques for surgical sculpture. Many of our Canadian patients start with our Preliminary Remote Discussion Package to minimize travel to Virginia.

Michael Bermant, MD

Revision Belly Button Scars For Skin Ruduction Through Belly Button

Last year I had underwent a minimal invasive surgery to remove excess skin from above the belly button. The skin is gone but the scar is now hypertrophic . It is thick, raised and widespread. I was blessed with having four children. I now have returned to my pre-pregnancy weight and exercise regularly. I have been very self conscious about letting anyone , including family members see my scar. My hypertrophic scar is very noticeable. I do everything to disguise it. I am a occupational therapist that has helped people reduce their scars post hand surgeries. I have tried the conservative treatments, such as massage and silicone sheets. Nothing has changed the shape or thickness of the scar. I am realistic that area around my belly button will not return to a perfect scar but I am trying to achieve a better appearance. I have read about Laser Therapy to help improve the hypertrophic scar. I feel that surgery is the only option to correct this scar. I respect your professional opinion. Do you think that I am a possible candidate for the belly button umbilicoplasty? Do you revise scars that are hypertrophic?
Thank you.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Removing excess skin from the belly button does not work well at all. Sometimes a tummy tuck permits us to start over again building a new belly button. Someone who tends to bad scars may not be a candidate for a revision. These are issues we are glad to help you explore during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Discussion. If interested, Jane is my office manager and can explain the details. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Michael Bermant, MD

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