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Male Nipple Discharge or Fluid from the Nipple in Men

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Fluid from the Nipples in Men - Male Nipple Discharge May need to be investigated

Nipple discharge in men.A women can normally have some type of nipple discharge throughout her adult life. For men, nipple discharge can indicate a problem. During hormone imbalances such as adolescence, the male gland can be stimulated. This hormonal stimulation can result in gland growth (Gynecomastia), tenderness, and produce milk and or nipple discharge. You can learn about medical causes of this hormone imbalance and gynecomastia.

A small plug of tissue debris normally keeps this fluid inside and can become dislodged during breast exam or squeezing the nipple.

If squeezed / traumatized enough, a clear fluid can be express from almost anyone. This is normal but hurting tissues this much is not a good idea.

With gland stimulation, the discharge can be milk like or thick like a pimple. Nipple discharge is a concern if:

  • bloody or fluid colored red, pink, or brown
  • looks like pus especially accompanied by inflammation and or fever
  • one sided (unilateral)
  • happens without squeezing the gland
  • sticky and clear or a cloudy black or brown

The best way to find out if this is a concern is to ask your doctor.

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Black Nipple Discharge can be suspicious and is not common in men. You can watch a rare video demonstrating this discharge here:

Male Ductal Ectasia is a very uncommon condition as shown on these PlasticWeb links:

Duct ectasia in the male breast.

Mammary duct ectasia and periductal mastitis in males.

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