Chef Maxwell's Restaurant

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Chef John MaxwellCulinary Artistry at Chef Maxwell's

Restaurant and Catering Company

421 East Franklin Street
Richmond, Virginia

(804) 649-8599

Chef John Maxwell, CEC

Maitre Rotisseur

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Hors d'oeuvre

Profiterole Romano Filled with Confit of Duck and Dried cranberries Chef Maxwell's Restaurant and catering Mignon of Swordfish Wrapped in Tuna Pastrami John Maxwell food in Richmond Virginia (VA)

Carpaccio of Beef Tenderloin on Crispy Corn Crepes

'97 Muller Thurgau DOC Historae Tentino

Richmond restaurant Chef Maxwell's catering
Anatomy of the meal at Chef Maxwell's in Richmond VA

Pan Seared Ocean Scallops

in Saffron Fumet with Filo Crisp and Salsa Cru

'96 Le Grane Rochoy Sancerre

Stone Ground Grits Spoonbread

with Asiago Cream and Wild Mushrooms

'97 Nebbiolo Teo Costa "Batajot" Piedmonte

Chef Maxwells restaurant in Richmond Virginia
Chef John Maxwell's dining in Richmond VA

Medallions of Summerfield Farms Veal

with Seared Fois Gras, Blackberry Demi-Glace

Roasted Apple Linguini and Medley of Peas and Beans

'96 Domaine du Grand Coulet Chateauneuf du Pape

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

with Espresso Syrup and Grilled Orange Cream

Passito DI Pantelleria, DOC Terre Dei Sese, "Le Conche" Pantelleris Moscato

Freshly Roasted Sumatra Coffee

Anamomy of the meal at Chef Maxwell's in Richmond VA
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