Dr. Bermant's Guide to: Richmond Virginia

Explore sites of interest to those living in or visiting Richmond Virginia and surrounding Chesterfield County.

Anatomy of a Meal La Petite France Restaurant - Richmond VA

La Petite France Restaurant

2912 Maywill Street
Richmond, Virginia

(804) 353-8729

Chef Paul Elbling

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Roasted Farm Raised Squab

Roasted Farm Raised Squab

Over Canellini Bean Mousseline, Morrels and Baby Carrots with a Glazed Orange Reduction

1997 Chateau Bonalgue Pomero

Farm raised squab at la Petite France Restaurant in Richmond VA

Roasted Squab

baby carrots at la Petite France Restaurant in Richmond Virginia

Baby Carrots

assembling roasted squab at la Petite France Restaurant in Richmond Virginia

Plating roasted squab, canelli beans, mousseline,morels and carrots.

Glazed Orange Reduction

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Guide Richmond Virginia by Bermant

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