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Bursa Crater Complication Deformity after Gynecomastia Surgery

Bursa Crater Deformity Defect After Gynecomastia Surgery

Learn about this contour deformity without adhesions to deeper tissues.

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Bursa Crater Deformity

There is a defect under the nipple areola. Skin is loose and not stuck to base of the crater defect. Skin is attached like tissues at the knee or elbow with mobile connective tissues or a bursa. A bursa is a loose filmy connection that permits tissue to move unlike an adhesion where tissues are stuck.

bursa craterdepressed nipple areolaThe skin sometimes floats to a normal contour, but sometimes is depressed. The depression does not always bounce back to a normal contour. Central picture bursa crater deformity after gynecomastia surgeryDepression Under Nipple Areola becomes apparent by pressing on tissues. There is an edge or wall of fat around this Bursa Crater.


crater wallpinching crater wallphoto pinch defect wall

pinching crater wall defect wallimage crater wall



defect under nipple areolaMove cursor over smaller images to see crater fat walls. The thickness of tissue should be about the same across the chest by pinch test. Under this nipple, there is a crater or defect with crater wall during surgeryminimal tissue to pinch. The depression worsened while laying on his back, and improved when standing. This makes sense for surface skin that does not have support underneath. During surgery, the fat wall at the edge of the defect is easily seen.

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Flash Video flash video revision surgery before after 2.1 MB 25 seconds demonstrating Bursa Crater Wall

This movie shows the edges of the crater wall during examination of the chest. The nipple areola skin floats over the defect in the fat and deeper tissues. The crater wall is easily defined by pinch.

QuickTime Movie Showing Exam Crater Defect quicktime video revision gynecomastia surgery before after (same movie).

Learn more about the Revision of this Bursa Crater Complication after gynecomastia surgery.

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