Teenager Rhinoplasty and Nasal Surgery or Nose Jobs for Teens Teenage Rhinoplasty (Nose Plastic Surgery)

Explore rhinoplasty, nasal surgery, (nose jobs) and sculpture of the nose by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD plastic and cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty is the name for a group of operations on the nose. Nasal surgery can range from something very simple to the very complex. There is much to learn about what bothers you about your nose and what plastic surgery has to offer.

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Rhinoplasty for Teenagers and Adolescents

Nose reshaping is among the most requested surgical procedures for teenagers and if done early can avoid years of emotional distress.

For a teenager concerned with appearance, a big or deformed nose in the center of the face gathers much attention.  It is hard to miss the nose when staring in a mirror or during eye contact. 

Teenager rhinoplasty and nose job surgery for teens
Nasal surgery for teenagers and teen rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery can help an adolescent patient with subtle or dramatic changes. Dr. Bermant spends additional time with teens and their parents helping them explore their nasal cosmetic surgery options.

Learn more about this 19 year old female nasal deformity and rhinoplasty surgery.

photograph teenager before rhinoplasty nasal tip surgery photograph teenager after rhinoplasty nasal tip surgery photograph before rhinoplasty of nasal cartilage in teens photograph after rhinoplasty of nasal cartilage in teenager photograph before nose job of nasal tip in teenager photograph after nose job of nasal tip in teen teenager photograph before nasal tip rhinoplasty teenager photograph after nasal tip rhinoplasty

Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty Pictures

Nasal TIp Photos

Rhinoplasty Nasal Tip Photographs

Rhinoplasty nasal plastic surgery can be performed when the nose has completed most of its growth, which can happen as early as thirteen to fourteen years in girls and about a year later in boys. 

For teenage nasal sculpture, it is a question of purpose and realistic expectations. Enhancing the positives and subtracting the negative features of a nose are acceptable goals, trying to imitate a famous person’s nose is not. Rhinoplasty is sculpting tissue, not clay and has its limitations. When an unsightly nose is sculpted with plastic surgery, Dr. Bermant has seen a transformation in patient confidence, attitude, and demeanor.

nasal surgery in teenagers
rhinoplasty of the teenager nose Next teenager rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Nasal Surgery Important Information

Learn more about rhinoplasty surgery of the nose

Open Rhinoplasty - Photographic details during surgery of the Black nose (warning graphic pictures).

Open Rhinoplasty - Pictures of dorsal and tip sculpture during surgery (warning graphic photographs)

Patient Pictures before and after surgery

Rhinoplasty Experiences Discussions, Forum, and Chat

Nasal Obstruction Septoplasty and Other Nose Discussion Groups, Forum, and Chat

rhinoplasty before nose job before before rhinoplasty nose rhinoplasty before septorhinoplasty before rhinoplasty before before rhinoplasty and septoplasty before septorhinoplasty
rhinoplasty after nose job after after rhinoplasty nose rhinoplasty after septorhinoplasty after rhinoplasty after after rhinoplasty and septoplasty after septoplasty - rhinoplasty
nose job before rhinoplasty before rhinoplasty female before before rhinoplasty rhinoplasty before before rhinoplasty before rhinoplasty
nose job after rhinoplasty after rhinoplasty female after after rhinoplasty rhinoplasty after after rhinoplasty after rhinoplasty


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