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Breast Growth After Female to Male Breast Reduction Surgery - Revision for Recurrence and Regrowth.

Explore scar revision and repeat reduction for untreated congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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Transsexual FTM breast reduction plastic surgery. Surgical Craftsmanship Male breast contouring for female to male FTM. Your Special Needs Male breast sculpture. Individualized Education female to male breast surgery Tender Care female to male chest reconstruction Personalized Service top surgery Become Comfortable Dr. Bermant Cosmetic Surgeon.

Breast Reduction Surgery Does Not Stop Regrowth. Stabilization is Better First to Minimize Recurrence.

male breast growth recurrenceThere are many Medical Problems that can cause Gynecomastia. Certain Medications and Drugs also can be the cause of male breast growth. Surgery cannot stop breast regrowth. Shreds of gland can remain behind with any technique. There are fingers of gland that spread through fingers of fat as you can see in a Male Mammogram or in these drawings of the Anatomy of Gynecomastia. Dr. Bermant prefers his Dynamic Technique for Chest Sculpture targeting gland first to decrease gland tissue for regrowth. However, even a disfiguring radical mastectomy, can leave some gland tissue behind. If there is still factors stimulating gland growth, recurrence can happen. Stabilizing the problem first has the best chance to minimize recurrence. It is very rare for Dr. Bermant's patients to have a recurrence of breast growth.

35 year old patient has lived his life as a male but was a genetic XX chromosome female with undiagnosed Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). His breasts grew back after a another surgeon performed a breast reduction several years before. The patient complained that his "gynecomastia which is interfering with my self esteem, confidence and is prohibiting me from enjoying life as I would like i.e. no shirt, swimming." He wanted "a normal society accepted appearance of my chest. To feel more comfortable with it." He wanted to avoid "having to layer clothing and stay away from the beach and pools."

Pictures of gland growth after prior breast reduction FTMHere are pictures of the glands removed during Dr. Bermant's Revision Breast Reduction Surgery. This is a lot of gland tissue that grew back after the other doctor's surgery.

By not identifying and addressing this patients medical problem, hormones continued to stimulate new breast growth. Dr. Bermant first worked with an Endocrinologist and identified the patient's medical condition.

Pictures of gland growth after prior breast reduction female to maleThe patient never knew he was a genetic XX female living his entire life as a male! When a problem such as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia is identified, medical treatment can deal with the missing factors. The pituitary gland then no longer needs to over stimulate the adrenal glands. When diagnosed and treated at an early age, the patient can then live a normal life as a female. This individual's body and brain has been exposed to large doses of both male and female hormones since he was in his mother's womb. Changing living as a male to female at this late date makes little sense. The problem is, fixing the adrenal gland defect will turn off the only source of Testosterone or Androgens this patient can generate. To remain male, he either needs to not deal with the adrenal enzyme defect and risk further breast growth. The other options is treat it but then require additional testosterone medication to remain male. A much better win is recognizing the problem at birth than this late in life. To learn more about this patient, start here.

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