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Art of Balancing Loose Skin with Extent of Surgery Scar. Images Link Comprehensive Analysis Problem - Solution Photos Videos.

After Weight Loss Excess Skin Exam
After Weight Loss Excess Skin Exam
Dr. Bermant Examined Excess Skin with his patients in front of a mirror to demonstrate extent of problem.

Massive Weight Loss is a Global Problem stretching structures around the body. That is why While a major component of fat stores inside the abdomen, additional fat cells also fill out. Male Body Fat Distribution is different from Female.

56 Year Old Male Loose Skin After Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss 83 Pounds.
56 Year Old Male Loose Skin After Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss 83 Pounds.
Loose skin and scar from gastric bypass bariatric surgery. Vertical scar revision offered another dimension to tightening surgery.

Gallery of Loose Skin After Weight Loss or After Weight Loss and Pregnancy.

34 Year Old Female Excess Skin and Scar After Pregnancy and C-Section
34 Year Old Female Excess Skin and Scar After Pregnancy and C-Section
34 year old female with prior C-section scar did not like her lower stomach, the loose skin, flabbiness, and abdominal stretch marks. Link to front and oblique views.

Gallery of Loose Skin After Pregnancy.

Loose Skin Documentation

Sagging skin or tissue tightness are factors critical to assess extent of problem or claims of successful treatment. Unless excess droops with folds of flesh below anatomic features, tension is a dynamic component defying documentation with a simple photograph. After Pregnancy or After Weight Loss skin shrinks only so much. Just how much varies with many factors. Whether evaluating skins natural shrinking without intervention or surgical tightening techniques, the question becomes just how tight or loose are the tissues?

Tissue tightness issues are Global Problems extending around the entire body. Looking at front alone ignores issues of sides, and back. Open our Massive Weight Loss Loose Skin Gallery to review sagging thighs, drooping buttocks, and how these issues require review around the entire body. See how the problem concentrates more in the stomach for the After Having Children Sagging Stomach Skin Gallery. Find other examples in our After Weight Loss Gallery.

My Lower Body Lift Plan maps out the loose tissues around her body. Such surgical plans are based on pulling tissues, tailoring, and determining skin tension. Photographs Pulling Excess Tissue graphically show skin laxity. Gravity also pulls tissued down. Bending over views show stomach skin sagging.

Use individual patient pages to explore how much more Standard Before After Videos reveal with pulling excess or bending over.

Throughout these galleries find images of tissue removed during surgery. Each approximated the before surgery map. However, excised skin shrinks no longer under tension while in the body.

Showing Excess Skin Defining just how loose or tight requires more than a few standing up pictures from the front. Other methods are needed to define tightness. Compare extra skin seen with pulling to understand how limited an upright before picture actually represents. Belly Button Tether provides another pull point to see skin tension. Sometimes pulling is internal Stretched Fascia and Skin. shows how Diastasis Rectus or spread apart muscle can factor in skin stretching.

Better surgery starts with a more critical Documentation of the Problem and Result. Early in my career I realized the literature on this topic was limited when only a few before after photos were used. Examination showed there was so much more to the loose tight tissue issue.

To evolve my technique, I needed a more critical definition of the problem and results. Standard Photographs and Videos reveal so much more. I developed extra photographic views and a ballet of movement that patients could be easily repeat. Using these views also can monitor Bruising Swelling Recovery After Tummy Tuck Picture Gallery: the path patients were taking between the before and after surgery images. Analysis of these photos and videos, path taken, Operating Room Sculpture my Tumescent Tummy Tuck methodology to improve.

Further Defining Surgical Sculpture

The Art of Compromise
Extent of Surgery: Just how far around the body should the surgery extend? Wanting shorter scars is a nice goal, but what does the trade off look like? How long incision scar is a compromise over how much skin needs to be removed and surgical sculpture of the transition zone. Excess skin needs an exit point to tighten tissue. While a body lift extends around the body, the Tummy Tuck tightens in front and then there is a transition zone from treated to untreated. Buttock Lift tightens the back, but there is a transition towards the front left untreated. The Lower Body Lift tightens all around.

Learn how to look for more critical photographic documentation of the problem and just how well the surgeon's transition managed between what was done and left behind. Movies and tension evaluating photos permit a closer look at a surgeon's Transition Zone Tightening Techniques. Our galleries offer examples of such compromises for different problems with my surgical sculpture. However, not all surgeons have the same skills nor use the same methods. Exploring documentation of a doctor's methods can be a factor when learning How to Pick a Tummy Tuck Surgeon.

Putting this before after detail on the Internet helps with realistic expectations to give patients a better chance to understand what is offered by a particular surgeon / method vs. limitations. Internet Images permit a careful repeated review instead of being rushed during an office consultation. Then when in the office, I personalized that education and demonstrated the loose tissue issues with each patient in front of a mirror.

After surgery the early documentation incorporated patient education of seeing how far they could perform that same before surgery ballet of standard actions, testing how they could move. These early recovery images gave patients something to measure their own progress compared to others. Patients were asked to call me immediately if their recovery was different than what was on my site so I could intervene if necessary to optimize healing.

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