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Want to read books about plastic surgery of the face and neck and facelifts (rhytidectomy)? Find books written for the public.

Listing of these books does not mean that Dr. Bermant has read them nor does he endorse the book and the material contained within. Reviews are from various sources.

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Find Barnes and Noble Books on Facelift Lift Surgery
Title: Beauty Knows No Pain: The Anatomy of a Successful Facelift
Paula J. Lochmandy
Tattersall Press
Date Published:
July 1994
ISBN-13: 9780963989079

Search bermant barnes and noble for plastic cosmetic surgery.  Look up face rhytidectomy. Book browse facelift browlift with neck jowl cheek ptosis droop.  books read book store reading.Title: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: A Patient's Guide

Author: Benjamin Gelfant
Publisher: Flapartz Press
Date Published: July 1998
ISBN-13: 9780968262603
Author's comments: Who is the book for/ Summary of contents This book will provide the reader with detailed information about the current and successful procedures in cosmetic surgery as well as substantial, vital consumer protection information. It describes proper certification and credentials of surgeons and surgical facilities, provides over sixty diagrams which describe in a simple manner the complex procedures which are currently done, and uses easy to understand language to describe the surgical options as well as the possible risks involved. "All the Facts on Facelifts" (Vancouver Sun)

Title: Lift: Wanting, Frearing, and Having a Facelift

Author: Joan Kron
Publisher: Viking Pen
Date Published: November 1998
Publisher:  Viking Penguin
Pub. Date: 
November 1998
ISBN-13: 9780670870608
The complete book of facial cosmetic surgery--enlightening, practical, and personal--from one of the most respected experts in the field.

Reviews and Commentary From The Publisher:  Celebrity face-fixes get the headlines, but Ms. (or Mr.) America--with an income of $50,000 or less--has become the real consumer. Cosmetic procedures of every type are popular, but even the simplest nips and tucks are still options as frightening and confusing as they are alluring. Veteran reporter Joan Kron uses what she learned both through her own face-lift and in her years of covering cosmetic surgery to arm the potential client with the whole story. Lift covers the technical aspects, but also the psychology of appearance and cultural history--from Elizabeth I's white-enameled wrinkles to Hollywood's hush-hush face peel. A sensitive overview as well as a nuts-and-bolts primer, Lift brims with real-life stories and interviews with doctors and sociologists, that demystify just what a lift can and cannot accomplish. Wanting one is between you and your mirror; having one is a complex decision that calls for this book as a companion.

Title: Transformation & Identity: The Face & Plastic Surgery
Frances M. Cooke Macgregor
Eterna Press
Date Published:
September 1980
ISBN-13: 9780812904789
Search bermant barnes and noble for plastic cosmetic surgery.  Look up face rhytidectomy. Book browse facelift browlift with neck jowl cheek ptosis droop.  books read book store reading.Title: Welcome to Your Face Lift
Helen Bransford
Doubleday & Company, Incorporated
Date Published:
# January 1999
ISBN-13: 9780385485500
Expert Commentary From Library Journal: Anyone contemplating a facelift will welcome Bransford's guidebook. Having been through one, she shares the experience (even the "before" and "during" pictures). From the first "should I or shouldn't I" debate, through choosing a doctor, deciding what should be done, planning for recovery, and going through the surgery and subsequent convalescence, Bransford covers every step in the process with wit, compassion, and good cheer. She also details the experience of several friends, including a man. Her advice is thoughtful, complete, and well written. Recommended for public and patient-service libraries. [Bransford is married to novelist Jay McInerney.Ed.]Susan B. Hagloch, Tuscarawas Cty. P.L., New Philadelphia, Ohio

From The Publisher: Open, honest, straightforward, and entertaining are not necessarily the words one generally associates with writing about cosmetic surgery, but they are exactly the qualities that make Helen Bransford's Welcome to Your Facelift unique. At the age of forty-seven and married to a man (writer Jay McInerney) seven years her junior, Helen decided it was time to recapture that face she no longer saw when looking in the mirror. Her surgery involved a "touch of lipo" under the chin, a forehead peel, an upper eyelid tuck, dermabrasion under the eyes, and a standard lift, and she chronicles it all - with sage advice from the veteran to the uninitiated - from the moment the decision was made to that day, a month after the event, when she was "dead certain" she'd done the right thing. For those who don't know anyone who's been through cosmetic surgery (or who are willing to talk openly about it), Helen Bransford will be that best friend who tells what it's really like and provides the invaluable guidance and suggestions that come only from experience. To augment her own story, Bransford has interviewed doctors, nurses, dermatologists, and other patients, adding their expertise and experiences to her own. She has researched every procedure from the most common eyelift to state-of-the-art ultrasonic liposuction, and she reports from the cosmetic surgery trenches with authority, understanding, and above all, the awareness that "the entire exercise deals with the superficial, so you should consider no detail too trite."

Search bermant barnes and noble for plastic cosmetic surgery.  Look up face rhytidectomy. Book browse facelift browlift with neck jowl cheek ptosis droop.  books read book store reading.Search bermant barnes and noble for plastic cosmetic surgery.  Look up face rhytidectomy. Book browse facelift browlift with neck jowl cheek ptosis droop.  books read book store reading.

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